Monday, May 25, 2015

Luna's Adventures in the Archeology Guild - Chapter 2

After resting for the night, Luna headed back to the Archeology Guild to talk to Teave. Upon showing him the crystal fragment, he became very excited, but was unhappy with the rock surrounding the brilliant blue shard. To remedy this, Teave sent Luna off to see Tumyr, another member of the guild who was studying a large fossil not too far away. Apparently, Tumyr had discovered a dissolving agent that would remove the outer rock without damaging the inner crystal matrix. So Luna headed out to see Tumyr, and hopefully get a good look at his fossil, as that wasn't something one sees every day. Tumyr had Luna gather five samples of Green Stain Cup Caps to mix with the slime from a strange cocoon he had discovered to create a new batch of dissolving agent, and sent her on her way.

When Luna returned to the guildhall, Teave took the dissolving agent from her and told her that the guild master wanted to see her. So, with her curiosity peaked, Luna headed to the library to meet with the guild master, Kal Rythor. Rythor sent her on yet another errand, this time to a mine, literally in the middle of nowhere, to ask the miners to dig a tunnel. Apparently on his latest expedition, they had found another spire, but where unable to get inside. And so Rythor wanted the miners in nearby Bloodvayne mine to tunnel into the spire from within the mine. Luna set off and reached the mine just as the sun was setting.

This seemed a simple enough task, but when Luna entered the mine, she found all the miners in a state of panic. Speaking with the foreman, she learned that they had apparently tunneled into a vampire's lair, and two of their men had been taken captive. Luna volunteered to go in after the two men, which was a good thing, as the foreman then informed her that he wouldn't be digging any tunnels for anyone until the vampires were dealt with.

Luna cast a night-eye spell and delved deeper into the mine, heading for the entrance to the vampire's lair. Only one vampire was within the mine, and Luna quickly dispatched it and entered the ancient lair, only to find the two miners sadly strung up and quit dead. Upon reaching the inner part of the lair, Luna was shocked to find huge tanks of human blood waiting to feed the vampires living there. A bit shaken, she finished off the last of the vampires and headed back to the foreman, who then agreed to dig the tunnel. With this agreement forged, she headed back to the guildhall once again.

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