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Meet My Characters - 10/22/2017

I have several Oblivion characters that are permanent fixtures in my game. They all have their own backstories and personalities, and some of them have houses made just for them. The ones without custom homes will get them eventually. I have a few that fight the same way, multiple mages and archers etc, but it's the backstory and personality that makes them so different. I may ignore one for a long time, before playing them like crazy for again after a while.

Luna Starshine:

Luna is my main character, and they are based off of me. Luna is a mage and a scholar, and has dedicated research areas in their home near Anvil. Luna is the Nerevarine, and I play them in Morroblivion quite a bit, as well as normal Oblivion. Luna uses my Transguy body. Both Luna and I are a nonbinary gender. When Luna gets angry, static electricity flies off their body, and may shock anyone too close. They can channel the electricity to form a magical shield around them, which has a very cool visual effect (like a storm atronach). Remodeling Luna's house is my pet project.



Suzania is a character who, at least in personality, is based off of my mom. My mom is legally blind, so Suzania is blind as well. My mom is loosing her vision because of a genetic eye disease, but Suzania was blinded by a childhood alchemy accident when one of her mother's potions exploaded. Suzania is a very gifted mage and has learned to use her magic to "see" the world around her. I use a night-eye replacer with a constant effect to simulate this magic sight. She lives in Shadeleaf Retreat, a small cottage near Shadeleaf Copse in the West Weald.


Freya Windsinger:

Freya is a Nordic warrior and paladin of the Nine Divines. She feels especially close to Mara, and always stops by the Chapel of Mara when in Bravil to talk to Marz and pray at the Alter of the Divines. Freya wears heavy armor and fights with a shield and longsword. She lives in West Weald Cottage, and adventures and shares her home with Vilja and Kyle Fergus. Freya is warm-hearted, and will risk all to help her friends.



Alice is a creation of Sheogorath, a cross between a Hunger Daedra and a Breton woman. As is expected from a creation of the Prince of Madness, she is completely out of her mind. She often hears voices no one else can hear, and is afraid of melting in the rain. Alice says that invisible butterflies lead her on adventures. She fights with her claws, channeling magic through her fists as she strikes. She has a home in the Shivering Isles near New Sheoth. 



S'Dara is a Khajiit alchemist who owns an alchemy shop in Leyawiin. She has an enchanted mortar & pestle that summons a full alchemy set when needed, and she never leaves the shop without it. Lately, she's been thinking of taking her business on the road and seeing a bit more of Cyrodiil. She fights with a bow poisoned with deadly handmade poisons, and is secretly a member of the Thieves Guild. Ahdarji is her second cousin, but they are not close due to Ahdarji's rather unpleasant views on Argonians.


Anazayl & Xiva

Anazayl is a Dremora who once served Mahrunes Dagon. She has recently been banished however and plans to extract revenge by thwarting the Oblivion Crisis. Anazayl has a fiery temper and a deep-rooted thirst for vengeance. She wears an armored Daedric robe and wields a Daedric katana. Xiva, a Dremora conjurer, is her soulmate and partner. Xiva wears a set of inscribed Daedric robes and carries an enchanted dagger.


Sadi The Swift:

Sadi The Swift is a young Redguard woman. She was once a bandit, where she acquired the scar and blind eye she now has, but parted ways with the bandits some time ago. She has a small hut in the Jerall mountains, near Dragon Claw Rock. She is fierce and has quite a temper, but also a very big heart once you get to know her. She is quick to anger, but quick as well to defend her friends. She has recently befriended a certain Nord alchemist. ;)


Bastian La'Fay:

Bastian holds the distinction of being my only male character. He is both a mage and a traveling bard. He lives in a tower on the Gold Coast, not too far from Luna. Bastian carries his bardic goodies with him: a lyre strapped to his back and pipes hanging from his belt. He uses magic that combines fire and ice into one spell, and has a spirit connection with an astral lion named Kaah. I eventually will make Kaah into a companion creature, but for now he is a summon spell.



Jeelia-Tora is a type of Argonian called a Naga. Instead of legs and feet/claws, she has a long snake-like tail that she slithers along on. She has recently crossed the border from Blackmarsh, after leaving her Naga tribe to have adventures in Cyrodiil. She brought only her tribal armor and a bow and arrows she made back in Blackmarsh. She is a kind of jack-of-all-trades, but is thinking about joining up with this Thieves Guild she keeps hearing about. She is always looking out for herself, but will help her fellow Argonians whenever she can. She isn't overly fond of Imperials, and they are even more distrusting of her than other Argonians because of her coiling tail.

S'Dara's Cauldron WIP - Race, Home, and Roleplay

I'm working on a mod that will add a custom Khajiit race (same as vanilla, but prettier), a player home, and the chance to become a traveling alchemy merchant.

So, originally I just made an alchemy shop with a Khajiit shopkeeper named S'Dara. Then I made S'Dara into one of my permanent characters. But the shop was still there, and it was hers after all. So now I'm working on making the shop into a cozy home/shop. The shop part isn't functional, but I want to keep it a shop for roleplay. Eventually, I plan to figure out how to script everything so that S'Dara can sell custom potions from the shop to people around Cyrodiil through dialog.

Some of the Potion Bottles:

I've also spent all evening and night working on custom clothes for S'Dara. They of course have the Khajiit paws instead of boots. There is a wig that will give her brown dreadlocks, an alchemy themed outfit, a hood, and two amulets. There is a version of the wig with goggles on her head, and a version of the hood in which she's wearing the goggles. (I didn't get a screenshot of that one....)

One of the amulets has a jar of fire salts around her neck, and the other has a potion. Both have a second necklace that's an odd sort of creature face. I like it.

Outfit Bits:

I hope this preview peaks your interest, because I've been working on this for going on two days straight, and I'm proud of what I've got done so far. I didn't include pictures of the interior because it is still pretty bare. Also, I will do a bit more landscaping, so don't be discouraged by the sad row of lavender. It will get better.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions or ideas.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Multi-Mod Update

A few of my older mods are in need of an update, so I thought I'd do it all in one post and save time and what little is left of my sanity.

Freya Windsinger:

When I first uploaded Freya I had intended to have her be a sort of dark knight kind of character, but it just didn't fit. From inception, she's been a paladin, and I just couldn't shake that idea of her. I made her a more paladin-like equipment set, and renamed her initial equipment with the word knight in it to help show the difference from her paladin equipment. She also has a new hair style and heavily pierced ears. Her original armor has been edited slightly to look a bit nicer, and put the buckle on the knight boots that I missed the first time.

Knight Armor:

Paladin Armor:


Traveler's Armor:

I have come across some much better Khajiit paws sense releasing this mod, and it has been updated accordingly. The original post now has the updated file as well.


Ranger's Armor:

Again, the Khajiit paws thing, and again, the original post has the updated file too.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Morning Glory Resource

In the process of redecorating Luna's house, I ended up making some very nice morning glories. I figured other people might also enjoy some high quality flowers in their mods, so I put them up on the Nexus as a modder's resource. And now I'm linking you all from here. Have some flowers, it's spring now!

An Example:

Lore Friendly Fashion - A Clothing Mod

As I mentioned when I posted my half finished modern clothing mod (and then ran away), I like for my characters to have lore friendly outfits, but don't actually want to wear vanilla clothes because they tend to suck. I've put together some outfits that are each unique but still won't stand out like a sore thumb in the world of Tamriel. There are two Shivering Isles themed outfits, one for each shade of madness, and a pair of jammies. There are Khajiit and Argonian versions of each outfit with either paws or claws instead of boots. If you don't want your characters to use the special feet, just use the default with the boots. The feet are just a bonus immersion thing for me. Freya Windsinger was kind enough to model them all for you. Here you go:


CD Projekt
El Alquimista
TES-Diesel Modding
Drake the Dragon

Friday, April 1, 2016

Luna's Story - Caught In The Hunt

Luna – Caught In The Hunt

Luna arrived in Bravil in the early afternoon, briefly wondering if there was a Daedric Prince of the Weather that they could thank, as it was a lovely sunny day. The last time they visited Bravil, it had rained for three days straight, and holing up in the Mage's Guild lobby had been the only logical thing to do: a bit of alchemy, a bit of chatter, and as dry as you can get in Bravil. So today's sunshine was very much appreciated by the young mage as they walked into town.

They quickly took a left turn into the nicer of the two inns, and bought a bed for the night from Gilgondorin, who grumpily accepted their payment of 20 gold before going back to wiping the bar. Luna bought a drink took a seat in the corner. Alarmingly, the talk around the tavern was that a local man had gone missing, according to his wife. Luna joined the conversation at this point, asking where to find her.

"Yeah, Ursanne Loche.... You'll probably have the best luck looking in the chapel. I guess she's got a bit more to pray about than most right now," Gilgondorin said, looking over his shoulder at Luna while gathering empty tankards from around the room. Luna left a tip on the bar and headed to the chapel.

Just as Gilgondorin said, Ursanne was reading in the front pew with a forlorn look on her face. Luna supposed they must look like an adventurer, because as they approached the woman, Ursanne called out to them with a quiet, "Excuse me," leaning toward Luna as they drew near.

"Are you Ursanne Loche?" Luna asked. She nodded and Luna followed up with a gentle smile and the words, "I hear that you're in a bit of trouble? Can I help?"

Ursanne explained that her husband Aleron had been missing sense the previous morning when he had gone to see an Orc usurer about some money he owed. It was apparently quite a lot of money, and the Orc, Kurdan gro-Dragol, was apparently not very pleasant. Ursanne feared for her husband's life, and so Luna put a steady hand over the distressed woman's trembling one and told her not to worry. Luna headed to the Lonely Suitor Lodge to speak with Kurdan.

They found him upstairs in the inn, shooting very unfriendly looks at anyone who drew too close. Luna, however, wasn't daunted and walked up to him with determination. After a bit of threatening and a lot of rudeness from Kurdan, they came to the conclusion that Kurdan wasn't going to help them unless they went along with whatever scheme he had going on. For whatever reason, he wanted Luna to take a boat to Fort Grief Island and retrieve a large battleaxe, The Axe of Dragol, from inside the keep. Considering that Kurdan was wearing full armor and already had a very large sword on his back, Luna felt that something was off about his story, but went along with it, as it seemed to the the only way to find Aleron.

"Sure mate," they said, nodding to the brutish Orc, "I'll get your axe, but Aleron had better be alright when I get back."

"Just get it. Then we'll talk," he practically growled. "There's a boat behind the magic shop. It's a little leaky, but it should get you there and back. Get going."

Luna climbed into the boat docked behind A Warlock's Luck and started rowing. After what seemed like forever, they made it to the island and looked up at the decrepit fort. They opened the gate and walked through, only to have it slam shut behind them. Not knowing what else to do, Luna headed toward the fort, and came face to face with Aleron Loche. He looked exhausted, so Luna's first question was simply, "Are you alright?"

Aleron explained that he had been here sense yesterday, when Kurdan sent him here after the axe, and that in fact, there never was an axe to begin with. Kurdan just used the axe story to lure people out to the fort, where they were trapped. Kurdan had a rather disturbing business practice of accepting money from people to come here and hunt living human prey. He called it The Hunter's Run, and the only way out was to venture inside the fort, kill the hunters, and collect the keys they carried. Unable to fight, Aleron had been stuck here, hoping that a more able-bodied adventurer would show up and make a rescue.

Luna steeled themselves and headed down into The Hunter's Run, lightning magic dancing across their fingertips. The first hunter was just inside the fort, and he fell quickly to Luna's spells. The second, a bit further in was no different. The third hunter was a bit more difficult, an angry Orc clad in daedric armor, but he too perished with lightning coursing through his body. 

After collecting all three keys, Luna headed back out to give Aleron the good news, but upon stepping out of the fort, they witnessed the sad sight of Aleron falling to the ground, as Kurdan slashed him through with his sword. Luna rushed forward, and as the two circled each other, Kurdan with his sword at the ready and Luna's hands raised and crackling with electricity, Kurdan told them that he had never planned to let either of them escape. Luna and Aleron had been sent here to die, and with that knowledge, Luna lunged forward and shoved their lightning covered palm directly into Kurdan's chest. He didn't fall immediately, but a few more shocking blows had him lying dead at Luna's feet.

They took a moment to tend to Aleron's body, folding his hands across his chest and calling upon Azura to guide his spirit. Wiping tears from their eyes, Luna got up and headed back to give Ursanne the sad news. "How do you just tell someone that she's just become a widow?" Luna mumbled miserably, clambering back into the small boat. They sighed and started rowing back to Bravil.

Upon arriving back in town, Luna asked a nearby guard where the Loches lived, and then made their way to the second story shack a short walk away. Climbing the stairs, Luna went over their words again and again, trying to find the best way to break the horrible news to Ursanne. 

When Luna walked in, Ursanne could tell by their face that something was wrong, and Luna had to explain what they wished had never happened, and then held the older woman as she cried on their shoulder. Ursanne wanted to pay Luna for what they had done, but Luna felt that they had done nothing worthy of payment. Aleron was dead outside the fort, instead of standing there next to his wife, and so Luna gave her a comforting hug and made their way back outside.

It was raining now, which seemed fitting. Luna pulled their hood tightly around their face and headed to the shops, desperate to find a happy moment in the sad day. They made their way over to A Warlock's Luck and stepped into the warm and relatively dry interior. Luna chatted with the shopkeeper, Ungarion, an acquaintance through the mages guild, telling him the sad news of Aleron and gossiping briefly about the rest of Bravil.

Luna asked if he had any items of particular interest for an adventuring mage. Ungarion reached under the counter and pulled out a small box. Opening it revealed a rather plain looking ring, but upon closer inspection, Luna could see the glimmer of an enchantment on it's surface. “What does it do?” they asked.

"Well, it came to me from another traveling adventurer," Ungarion said with a smile. "He said he found it in an Ayleid ruin nearby, but had no use for it. Upon inspecting the ring, I could see how it would have little use to the heavily armored Nord, but knew a mage such as yourself might find it quite a bit more useful." His smile turned a bit darker and more mischievous as he said, "But be careful with it. It's enchantment isn't entirely pleasant. It strengthens your magicka, but weakens you physically."

Luna pulled their coin purse from their waist and found themself the proud owner of a new, slightly cursed ring. "At least that's one happy ending...." Luna said, slipping the ring on and heading back outside.


Author's note: I know that the ending may seem kind of, "What the fuck? They just decided to go shopping?" But I didn't want to end it on a completely sad note and leave everyone feeling all bummed out after reading, so I just added a bit of what happened after I did the quest. And if anyone is wondering about the use of they pronouns: Luna is nonbinary, I am nonbinary, and we both use they/them/theirs for our pronouns.

Let me know how you liked the story please, but be kind. I am a very sensitive person. I stopped writing for quite a while after I received some not so nice criticism of my early Luna stories, which is why they get partway through the Mages Guild recommendations, and then there's nothing for a long time. So basically, let me know what you think, but be gentle. :)