Friday, April 8, 2016

Meet My Characters - 10/22/2017

I have several Oblivion characters that are permanent fixtures in my game. They all have their own backstories and personalities, and some of them have houses made just for them. The ones without custom homes will get them eventually. I have a few that fight the same way, multiple mages and archers etc, but it's the backstory and personality that makes them so different. I may ignore one for a long time, before playing them like crazy for again after a while.

Luna Starshine:

Luna is my main character, and they are based off of me. Luna is a mage and a scholar, and has dedicated research areas in their home near Anvil. Luna is the Nerevarine, and I play them in Morroblivion quite a bit, as well as normal Oblivion. Luna uses my Transguy body. Both Luna and I are a nonbinary gender. When Luna gets angry, static electricity flies off their body, and may shock anyone too close. They can channel the electricity to form a magical shield around them, which has a very cool visual effect (like a storm atronach). Remodeling Luna's house is my pet project.



Suzania is a character who, at least in personality, is based off of my mom. My mom is legally blind, so Suzania is blind as well. My mom is loosing her vision because of a genetic eye disease, but Suzania was blinded by a childhood alchemy accident when one of her mother's potions exploaded. Suzania is a very gifted mage and has learned to use her magic to "see" the world around her. I use a night-eye replacer with a constant effect to simulate this magic sight. She lives in Shadeleaf Retreat, a small cottage near Shadeleaf Copse in the West Weald.


Freya Windsinger:

Freya is a Nordic warrior and paladin of the Nine Divines. She feels especially close to Mara, and always stops by the Chapel of Mara when in Bravil to talk to Marz and pray at the Alter of the Divines. Freya wears heavy armor and fights with a shield and longsword. She lives in West Weald Cottage, and adventures and shares her home with Vilja and Kyle Fergus. Freya is warm-hearted, and will risk all to help her friends.



Alice is a creation of Sheogorath, a cross between a Hunger Daedra and a Breton woman. As is expected from a creation of the Prince of Madness, she is completely out of her mind. She often hears voices no one else can hear, and is afraid of melting in the rain. Alice says that invisible butterflies lead her on adventures. She fights with her claws, channeling magic through her fists as she strikes. She has a home in the Shivering Isles near New Sheoth. 



S'Dara is a Khajiit alchemist who owns an alchemy shop in Leyawiin. She has an enchanted mortar & pestle that summons a full alchemy set when needed, and she never leaves the shop without it. Lately, she's been thinking of taking her business on the road and seeing a bit more of Cyrodiil. She fights with a bow poisoned with deadly handmade poisons, and is secretly a member of the Thieves Guild. Ahdarji is her second cousin, but they are not close due to Ahdarji's rather unpleasant views on Argonians.


Anazayl & Xiva

Anazayl is a Dremora who once served Mahrunes Dagon. She has recently been banished however and plans to extract revenge by thwarting the Oblivion Crisis. Anazayl has a fiery temper and a deep-rooted thirst for vengeance. She wears an armored Daedric robe and wields a Daedric katana. Xiva, a Dremora conjurer, is her soulmate and partner. Xiva wears a set of inscribed Daedric robes and carries an enchanted dagger.


Sadi The Swift:

Sadi The Swift is a young Redguard woman. She was once a bandit, where she acquired the scar and blind eye she now has, but parted ways with the bandits some time ago. She has a small hut in the Jerall mountains, near Dragon Claw Rock. She is fierce and has quite a temper, but also a very big heart once you get to know her. She is quick to anger, but quick as well to defend her friends. She has recently befriended a certain Nord alchemist. ;)


Bastian La'Fay:

Bastian holds the distinction of being my only male character. He is both a mage and a traveling bard. He lives in a tower on the Gold Coast, not too far from Luna. Bastian carries his bardic goodies with him: a lyre strapped to his back and pipes hanging from his belt. He uses magic that combines fire and ice into one spell, and has a spirit connection with an astral lion named Kaah. I eventually will make Kaah into a companion creature, but for now he is a summon spell.



Jeelia-Tora is a type of Argonian called a Naga. Instead of legs and feet/claws, she has a long snake-like tail that she slithers along on. She has recently crossed the border from Blackmarsh, after leaving her Naga tribe to have adventures in Cyrodiil. She brought only her tribal armor and a bow and arrows she made back in Blackmarsh. She is a kind of jack-of-all-trades, but is thinking about joining up with this Thieves Guild she keeps hearing about. She is always looking out for herself, but will help her fellow Argonians whenever she can. She isn't overly fond of Imperials, and they are even more distrusting of her than other Argonians because of her coiling tail.


  1. Oh wow, I love character charts! Writing this was a great idea to help us get to know your characters better. Can you add a permalink to this post somewhere in the main page?

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome characters!

  3. Your characters are neat- I like that you make custom equipment and homes for them :)

  4. You always do such a wonderful job with your in game people. I am jealous, you have such depth in them. They become more then just a character, they almost become real. :) - Brandy

    1. Thank you! I really enjoy making my characters and giving them a personality and life.