Monday, November 4, 2019

Dremora Textures for OCOv2 - Updated

Quite some time ago, I made tattooed versions of the dremora textures from Oblivion
Character Overhaul Version 2. This is a slightly improved new version. The only changes are tattoos on both legs of the female texture and an adjustment to the circle on the lobe of the ear texture to make it sit better on the ears. I hope you like these new changes.

Even More Steampunk!

Every so often, I get inspired to make a few new steampunk outfits. This is version 4 and it adds 5 new outfits, bringing the total up to 19. I really hope you guys enjoy them.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Bard Outfit & Walking Update

I've made another outfit based on a picture I found on Pinterest. Here's the original image:

And here's my take on it:

I added the lyre on the back to reference the violin the original character is playing. I think it turned out decently well in the end.

There is an issue where the lyre bends and twists with poses, but it looks cool when you're running along, so I'm keeping it. You can't see the twisting from the front anyway. 

It is for both female and male characters and comes in both clothing and armor versions for HGEC and Robert's Male bodies. The armor is light armor. The outfit can be found in the testing hall, in a gift box covered in music notes. The box is sticking out of the central pillar, near the door to Hawkhaven. The box will respawn.

To get to the testinghall open the console and type "coc testinghall" without the quotes. To leave go through the door to Hawkhaven and fast travel.

I hope you enjoy. Now, on to the short health update. I am usually able to walk around the house without the braces, but still require them for anything more than just walking to the kitchen and back to my bedroom. I use my wheelchair when we go out if I can. It has small wheels so I can't push myself, so if my mom needs to use her hands for something else I will use my walker that has a seat on it to take rests. My legs get tired very quickly, and with the tiredness comes weakness again so I really have to pace myself. I have days when the weakness comes back full force and I can't walk again, but most of the time I'm doing pretty well. We still don't know what causes the issue in the first place, and my doctor doesn't want to run any more tests. I may never know, but I've made peace with that. At least for now.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Halloween Outfit 2019

Happy October everyone! I love Halloween, and I try to make a fun new Halloween-themed outfit every October. This year's edition is a bit on the pastel goth side of things, I think. I quite like it.

Halloween 2019

The outfit is, as usual, in the testing hall. The gift box is around the corner from the door to Hawkhaven, right next to the box for the 2016 Halloween Outfit. To get there, type "coc testinghall" without the quotes into the console. To leave, go through the door to Hawkhaven and fast travel. The box will, of course, respawn. The hat comes in 3 sizes and can be equipped to either the amulet or tail slot.

Here are pics and links to the previous outfits. Sadly I didn't manage to make one in 2017, but 2015, 2016, & 2018 have outfits.

Halloween Outfits (2015)

Halloween Outfit 2016

Halloween Outfit 2018

Friday, September 20, 2019

A Lovely Priestess Outfit

I've made another outfit inspired by art I find online. This one is based on a sort of druid priestess.

It is comprised of a dress, a pair of gloves, boots, and an amulet. There is also a "full" version, which is just all of the pieces together in one bit of clothing. The outfit is for the HGEC body and is female only.

The gift box containing the outfit is in the testinghall, sticking out of the door frame near the door to hawkhaven. Basically look to your right when you teleport in. To get there, type "coc testinghall" in the console without the quotes. Go through the door to hawkhaven to fast travel out.The box will respawn. I hope you enjoy this pretty bit of finery.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Walking Carefully With Braces

I got my custom knee braces last week. They are wonderful! With them on I can walk around very carefully. I have very little stamina, so once I walk to the kitchen I take a rest in a chair, and once I get back to my room I get back in bed. I've been doing physical therapy each day and am gaining strength back. It's coming back faster than we expected, which is wonderful.

Here's a picture of my braces and my cute leggings:

The braces give me so much stability and also stop the really bad pain I get when my left knee twists to the side (because it keeps it from twisting). They also stop my knees from bending backwards, which in turn keeps my knee caps from dislocating.

As soon as we can get my insurance to cooperate I will be getting custom ankle braces as well. They will be molded to fit my feet and will fix the way my arches collapse when I stand, and will give them stability to help them not roll and sublux constantly. I've been wearing braces from Walgreens, but all professionals involved with my braces agree that they are not enough. I'm excited for the custom ones. With the braces for both my knees and ankles, I should be pretty stable. I just need to keep building my strength back up. :) :)

Friday, June 21, 2019

I lost the ability to walk....

As the title says, last Monday I lost the ability to walk. My legs just gave out under me and I couldn't get up. I spent 8 days in the hospital doing tons of tests and got home at the beginning of this week. We still don't know what happened to cause the issues with my legs, but we know what it is not. I am able to do what I call "shuffle-walking" now, which is me shakily moving without lifting my feet while someone steadies me and helps hold me up. My mom is about to buy a wheelchair online and we'll go from there. We are all hoping that with sturdy braces and physical therapy that we can get me walking again, and we think it will happen. I might not be able to walk "normally" for some time, or possibly ever again, but if I can walk unassisted I'll be happy. I've had a pronounced limp for some time, and on bad days my right leg was already dragging somewhat, so I don't care if my walking looks funny. I just want to be able to function better. Functioning better right now means making my house more accessible, so that is what we're working towards.