Wednesday, January 22, 2020

New Mage Robes - Major Update of Really Old Mod

So in 2015 I uploaded a mod called Luna's New Mage Robes. It was obviously a collection of pretty fancy mage robes. I wasn't as good at working in Blender at the time, and so the robes really had room for improvement. There are now several more robes in the set, but most importantly the male versions of the robes match the female versions to the best of my ability. There are matching hoods, as well as hoods with masks over half of the face, two pairs of matching boots, matching gloves, and some welkynd stone jewelry that I made for Luna. The earrings come in both amulet and tail slot versions, and it is noted with an "A" or "T" after the name. Many of the female robes have cut-outs and strap designs on the back. The whole point of the mod was for Luna to have tons of robes to wear. I like to have them change outfits every day. I really hope you like them, as I worked really hard on these.

Everything is found in the testing hall in a giftbox near the central pillar. The box is covered in a floral print.

Enjoy Luna modeling both the male and female robes. Nonbinary for the win! :P

* Note: If you downloaded before 9:30 pm on 1/22/2020 please redownload. *


The missing bauble on the male robe is fixed. Redownload if it's missing.


Friday, January 17, 2020

Archer's Armor (and clothing...)

I've made another outfit inspired by someone's character art on Pinterest. Here is the original picture:

And here is what I came up with:

The armor has two quivers of arrows and a sword hanging from the belt (all of which are purely decorative). I also made a clothing option, which doesn't have the weapons. I'm on a kick of making outfits and armor that look like you put some armor on top of what you had on. In this case, you just arm yourself to the teeth. There is also a bit of rope hanging off the belt to reference the rope the girl is holding in the picture.

Clothing Version

The armor and clothing are in a gift box in the testinghall, as usual. The box is sticking out if the central pillar, and will respawn.