Sunday, November 5, 2017

Oblivion Crash Rant and Learning to Mod Skyrim

So my Oblivion game crashes way too much, and I don't know how to fix it. Skyrim runs fine. Morrowind runs fine. Dragon Age: Origins runs fine. It's so frustrating! So I'm going to learn how to mod Skyrim. I will always love Oblivion, but I plan to start modding Skyrim as well, so that I can enjoy my mods and characters without the game CTDing constantly. As I get better at modding Skyrim, there should be mods for Skyrim on here as well. At least there should be if all goes well. Wish me luck....

Monday, October 9, 2017

Merchant's Outfit for Robert's Male and HGEC

Hello all. Sometimes I like to look around online for pictures that inspire me to make a new outfit. This is the picture that inspired this one:

The result is different, but I think that seeing the original picture, you can see the similarity at least. I made it for Robert's Male body, HGEC, and my Trans Guy body. The trans version is marked with a T in the name, and the female version is the same in both versions.

As I was working on the outfit from the original artwork, it transformed into a more merchant-like look, and so now it is the Merchant's Outfit. There are pouches on the legs, one across the chest, and a backpack converted from Skyrim. I tried to keep the look of the white shirt, green sash, gloves, and necklace intact, but took quite a bit of creative license. I hope you like the result. The outfit can be found in the testing hall in a box that looks like this:

Monday, September 18, 2017

Mage Adventurer Robes

I recently introduced my new character Suzania that is based on my mom. These are her robes. I don't want to release the character because she is a more personal one, but I worked hard on the robes and thought you guys might enjoy them. So here you go!

The robes are in the Testing Hall, in a box that looks like this:

And here's a bonus picture of Suzania investigating a chicken. Just thought it was cute:

Shaman Equipment Version 2

I finally finished updating my Shaman's Equipment mod from 2015. I quite like what I've done with it. Both the male and female versions now have wooden antlers and a necklace with little mushrooms in a jar. The female armor also has a new top and less going on on the arms.

This file will override the previous esp, so if you want to keep the old one, do not download this one.

The picture for the equipment is the old one from the original post. They haven't changed and I'm tired....

Thursday, September 7, 2017

My Health Issues (If your interested)

I've been saying for sometime that my heath has not been good, and I thought I'd explain what's going on if anyone wants to know. The short answer is that I have such severe allergies that I feel like I constantly have a sinus infection, and break out in a full body rash multiple times a week, and I also have a connective tissue disorder that makes my joints much looser and floppier than they should be. That sounds great (yay flexibility) until I explain that my right hip has been partially dislocating over and over for the last week and I've mainly been in bed with pillows on either side of me to hold my hips in a more healthy and comfortable alignment. Needless to say, it hurts. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning and showed my doctor all kinds of ways that my joints move in ways they shouldn't and got tons of blood drawn for testing. I'm 99% sure that I have something called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which in the simplest explanation means that my the stuff that makes up my connective tissue isn't made properly by my body.

To help with all of this, I am going to physical therapy to help strengthen my muscles because they are doing the main work of holding my joints in place because my ligaments are to stretchy to do their job. For the allergies I am taking immunotherapy shots to try to slowly desensitize my body to the basically everything in nature ever that I'm allergic to. I got my third set of shots yesterday as well.

Now I'm going back to my bed and my pillows because sitting here is really painful on my hips and I don't want it to slip out of place again. I need a brace, but I need to see my physical therapist about that, and I don't know when I can see her next.

If anyone wants to ask a question about all the stuff I just said, feel free to leave a comment, and I should answer to the best of my ability in a day or so. I hope this cleared up anyone wondering why I'm away for so long at a time and then kind of put out a bunch of stuff at once. When I have a good few days I mod like crazy, but right now I can't stand this chair for any longer.

Monday, August 7, 2017

A New Character With a Special Place in My Heart

So to understand where this character came from and why I love her so much, you have to know a little about my mom. My mom has been loosing her sight rapidly sense I was a teenager. She is now legally blind, and only has a bit of peripheral vision left, but she hasn't let it slow her down, and she has just kept on kicking life's ass despite barely being able to see it anymore. She has always been my hero, always been there for me, and always accepted me. Her attitude toward loosing her vision has only made me admire her more.

All this brings me to my character, who I made sort of in honor of my mom. My character is named Suzania after my mom's name Susan, and Suzania is completely blind. While Suzania's reason for blindness is a childhood alchemy accident rather than genetic eye disease, and Suzania's eyes are clouded while my mom's are still green, I still based Suzania's personality off of my mom's and gave her long black hair like my mom as well. My mom uses her last bit of peripheral vision, her trusty white cane, and sometimes a hand on my shoulder to navigate the world, but Suzania uses her innate magical ability to sense the world around her. I installed a night-eye replacer and she has it on constantly to mimic this.

Anyway, here is a picture of Suzania. I didn't model her face after my mom, but her general character is all about her.

So Much Steampunk

A long time ago I made a mod adding steampunk themed clothing for HGEC, and a while later I updated it with a few more outfits. Well, here are a few more. :P I've also made some changes to some of the existing outfits. Outfit 3 has been completely redesigned, as I really didn't like it. Outfit 6 has different boots now, and Outfit 4 has different sleeves and a ruffle across the bust. Anyway, here are some pictures of all of them:

Another minor change is that I moved the box containing all of the items over slightly as I had accidentally put the box for Sadi the Swift's stuff in the same place and the larger Steampunk box had completely hidden Sadi's box. 

The model for the outfits is my new Character Suzania, who I will introduce properly soon. She has a special place in my heart for reasons I will explain in her introduction page.