Monday, March 31, 2014

Clothing Mod Preview

I'm working on a mod that adds a ton of modern clothing for the HGEC body. It is tedious, because I'm currently making the icons for everything. But, some of the clothes are ready to go, so I took a few screenshots of Luna trying on her new clothes.

Here is the black long dress, red and black strappy sandals, double buckle choker, and a red t-shirt:

And here is the white check frilly top, black cargo pants, studded wrist bands, butterfly and crystal necklace, and a different pair of red and black strappy sandals:

And here is the black flared skirt, green patterned t-shirt, buckled choker, and black lace-up ankle boots:

Here is the black and white dot dress, buckle choker and nirnroot necklace, and black and white ribbon sandals:

And here is the black denim skirt with striped stockings and boots, a purple t-shirt, and the purple lace choker.

Here is a green t-shirt, bright blue jeans, black lace and steam punk necklace, and black strappy sandals.

I hope you like this sneak peak. There are a lot of other items I haven't added to the game yet, but as I get them done, I will post more pictures. I don't know when the mod will be finished, but I'm working on it pretty much all the time, with a little actual playing of the game mixed in. My brain may implode before I finish making all the icons...So boring.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Luna Pics

I am always making Luna new things to wear. Most of these are based around a particular top, but are different in color and accessories. Anyway... Here she is!

The lighting is some of these isn't displaying right when I upload them. They look nice on my computer. Sorry about that.

Luna is also showing off her new hair, complements of Max on, and her new face texture with photo realistic lipstick, made from Flan's base textures (also on MaxHeartFlan), and a picture of some random model's lips.