Monday, August 7, 2017

A New Character With a Special Place in My Heart

So to understand where this character came from and why I love her so much, you have to know a little about my mom. My mom has been loosing her sight rapidly sense I was a teenager. She is now legally blind, and only has a bit of peripheral vision left, but she hasn't let it slow her down, and she has just kept on kicking life's ass despite barely being able to see it anymore. She has always been my hero, always been there for me, and always accepted me. Her attitude toward loosing her vision has only made me admire her more.

All this brings me to my character, who I made sort of in honor of my mom. My character is named Suzania after my mom's name Susan, and Suzania is completely blind. While Suzania's reason for blindness is a childhood alchemy accident rather than genetic eye disease, and Suzania's eyes are clouded while my mom's are still green, I still based Suzania's personality off of my mom's and gave her long black hair like my mom as well. My mom uses her last bit of peripheral vision, her trusty white cane, and sometimes a hand on my shoulder to navigate the world, but Suzania uses her innate magical ability to sense the world around her. I installed a night-eye replacer and she has it on constantly to mimic this.

Anyway, here is a picture of Suzania. I didn't model her face after my mom, but her general character is all about her.

So Much Steampunk

A long time ago I made a mod adding steampunk themed clothing for HGEC, and a while later I updated it with a few more outfits. Well, here are a few more. :P I've also made some changes to some of the existing outfits. Outfit 3 has been completely redesigned, as I really didn't like it. Outfit 6 has different boots now, and Outfit 4 has different sleeves and a ruffle across the bust. Anyway, here are some pictures of all of them:

(Edited by Me) 
Original by El Alquimista

(Edited by Me)
Original by Darigaz89
Link: Steam Pilot

Another minor change is that I moved the box containing all of the items over slightly as I had accidentally put the box for Sadi the Swift's stuff in the same place and the larger Steampunk box had completely hidden Sadi's box. 

The model for the outfits is my new Character Suzania, who I will introduce properly soon. She has a special place in my heart for reasons I will explain in her introduction page.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Release of the Trans Guy Body

I've fixed the glitch and now I'm here to bring you this lovely new Robert's male body variation. It is meant to resemble the body that some transgender men have. It has a slimmer waist and thicker thighs. I couldn't widen the hips too much without starting an endless battle to realign the upper and lower body seams. So it's not quite as curvy as I was hoping when I started. It's a bit more subtle. Also, I slimmed down the torso at the top, as it seamed to big and muscular once I had slimmed the waist. The file contains two versions. One is circumcised and one isn't. Pick one and drop it into your data folder. I hope you like this small new edition to the body mod world.

I should note that all trans bodies are different, and that many trans men look completely different from this body mod. This is mainly something that I made for Luna because it is what I would end up with post transition if I were thin. Before I gained weight I always had a very defined hourglass shape to my waist and larger hips and butt. Even with hormones and surgery I will probably never be able to completely get rid of that, and that's ok with me. Just had to put that out there. All trans bodies are different.


Robert for the original body
Me (Lunasprite13) for the edits