Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Luna's New Clothes

So I made Luna a bunch of new clothes in the last few days. (Well, I didn't quite make them. I retextured and reshaped other peoples lovely clothing, as I can't make anything from scratch yet...) She will now do a little fashion show.

I've really got a thing for this cardigan right now. I may have over done it a little with the sweater, but in real life, I'm almost never seen without a jacket of some kind because I'm so cold natured, so I guess it fits for Luna to wear one, too.

In this one, the only things I can take credit for are the awesome gloves and the necklace.

And in this one, just the necklace, but I just love this pic.

The necklaces are available to download on the Oblivion Nexus, and will also be available here, once I finally decide on a place to upload my files to.

Here is a link to the Nexus download: