Friday, June 15, 2018

Playable China Dishes Resource

I've had this half-finished project in my Data folder for a really long time. I originally wanted to make it into a huge resource by retexturing a bunch of MEO's static dishes resource, but I realized that it is quite nice in it's current form. I may update it down the line, but for now it includes some bowls, a plate, many cups, a pitcher, some planters, some miscellaneous jars, and a cake stand.

There are static versions of everything and clutter versions of the main dishes that make sense to have clutter versions of. All clutter pieces have custom icons.

If you use the included .esp you can purchase the dishes from The Copious Coinpurse in the Imperial City. It also includes a test cell where you can see all of the static dishes and it has a chest with the clutter versions if you don't want to pay. To get to the test cell, open the console and type "coc aaLunasChinaRoom" without the quotes. To get out, simply fast travel.

I hope you like this resource. If you would like to post pics of your mods with them on the Nexus page for the mod, I would love to see them.


Little Baron for the planter meshes
MEO for the Static Dishes resource