Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sadi The Swift Version 2

I've completely redone Sadi The Swift. She has new, nicer textures, an awesome hairdo/wig, and a fur cloak that isn't problematic. Yay for progress! :P

Her armor has been changed a tiny bit, and she has an amulet now as well, and she has her own swimwear and cute jammies.

Her face and body textures are completely different, and she uses a different head mesh now, so she looks a bit different, but I think it looks much better. She also has groovy green face paint, and new eye textures. 

There is a new hair option, but I can't get it to change colors, and it tends to clip into her body when she moves, so their is a matching wig version that moves with you. It's in her gift box in the testing hall with everything else. There's a wig for the dreadlock hairstyle too, for the same reason.




New Fur Cloak:

>< Note: This version isn't compatible with the Iffy Version from before. If you were using that version and want to update, you'll have to start a new game. Sorry. ><

Lore Friendly Fashion Version 2

I've added a few new outfits to my Lore Friendly Fashion mod, as well as changed things a bit. All the necklaces are separate now, and there are a few new ones. There is a swimsuit, underpants, and a few new outfits. As usual, there are Khajiit and Argonian specific versions as well. (I don't plan on continuing this in future mods however, but I will be willing to convert individual armors if you ask.)


Overly Sexy Swimsuit Pose That I'm Now Regretting:

Freya Windsinger Version 3

I finally finished/organized the newest version of my Freya Windsinger mod. Yay! She has a completely new look, new armor, a new sword, pajamas, swimwear, and a casual outfit to wear when she's not in armor. She also has a wig to give her super awesome hair. Also, the neck seam she was suffering from is much, much better now. :D


Casual Wear:



Sword & Shield

Friday, December 30, 2016

Hey Room207.... Check Out These Armor Stands :)

I'm working on my male character Bastian's tower home, and I made these armor stands out of armor Room207 has released on his blog. Basically, I just wanted to show him what I've done, but thought other people might want to see as well. I'll make another update when I get more of the tower done. I'm sick right now, so I am working very slowly.... :(

Friday, December 16, 2016

Fun Lore-Friendly Quest Mods?

Hey awesome people who read this blog. I am really in need of some new questly type things to do in Oblivion, so I thought I would ask you guys if you have any suggestions. My main requirement is that it can at least plausibly fit into the lore. As you guys know if you have been checking this blog for a bit, I really like the Lost Spires mod. I know that the whole Warlock thing is made up, but the way it's presented makes it feel like it fits into the existing world, you know? I would also ask that any suggestions not involve sex in any way. I don't expect to get all kinds of sex mod related answers, but I just want to put it out there, that I am really not into that in my game, like ever. I downloaded a mod a while back thinking ok, cool. Nocturnal's plane of Oblivion. But then it just got strangely sex related, which to me made no sense, and I had to uninstall that one.

I would also love suggestions for new mods with cool places to explore or with really interesting dungeons or something. Basically, I love Oblivion so much, but right now I just kind of feel like I've done it all to death, and really need a new thing.

So just please give me any suggestions for cool new things to do and places to check out. Try to keep it at least some what lore-friendly and no sex. I am not opposed to nudity if it makes logical sense for the story and isn't just because it can exist. An example I can make up about nudity that would seem logical to me could be that a mod contained water nymphs or something, and they were naked because why would water nymphs really need clothes. Probably a bad example because how are water nymphs particularly lore-friendly, but whatever.

Thanks to anyone who answers. :D

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Alice's Adventures in the Shivering Isles Reimagined

Alice had left the Shivering Isles about 6 months ago to explore Cyrodill, but it was time to go home. However, upon arriving at the gate in Niben Bay, she was met with a dilemma: Sheogorath had completely forgotten her, despite being her creator.

“But you made me! How can you have forgotten who I am?” Alice shouted at the glowing portal. She received no response.

“Damn it all,” she muttered under her breath, and stepped through. She would have to get home the hard way.

She stopped in Passwall to hear the gossip, before heading up to the Gates of Madness. Apparently if Sheogorath has forgotten you, your walk past the Gatekeeper pass has been revoked as well. He was not happy to see her, and not willing to let her pass. Alice let out an exasperated sigh and raised her claws. She hit and scratched until he fell, fire lashing out from her fists with every punch.

“Sorry....” she whispered, and continued on her way.

Once through the Gates, Alice made a beeline for her cottage near New Sheoth. She definitely wanted to stop by home before trying to convince Sheogorath who she was. It was dusk, so she spent the night before heading to the Palace to reintroduce herself to her creator. How could he have forgotten her?

Alice's Race and Equipment - Hunger Spawns

So I recently completely redid my Alice character, and in the process I came up with an entirely new backstory and race for her. I made her some custom armor, and also made a male version of everything, in case you want to play the race, but not actually Alice.

The race is called Hunger Spawn, and was formed when Sheogorath combined a Hunger Daedra with a Breton woman. Alice was the result. (I like to call the male version Alastor.) Hunger Spawns have some of the physical characteristics of their daedric father, but the temperament of their mortal mother. They have claws on their hands and feet, spikes on their backs, and a long jointed tail. They also have an odd spotted pattern on their skin, and long jagged ears.

Hunger Spawn are skilled in magic and hand to hand, using their claws in combat as well as destruction spells.

The armor can be found in the testinghall in a green and black chest, in the area with the red lighting. The hair is made up of wigs, which are also in the chest, two for each gender.

Female: (Has slightly nicer pubes now)

Male: (Wig not shown)

Armor: (Male is very similar to female)

Required Mods:

Blockhead (which requires OBSE)

Recommended Mods:

Better Hand To Hand (Will make hand to hand fighting much easier and therefor more fun.)
Enchanted Hand To Hand (Cast touch spells with each punch. Crucial for Alice roleplay.)


Rebel O Conner
Angelica from
Obsidian Dawn at

Thursday, November 24, 2016

OCOv2 Dremora Texture Replacer Updated In A Serious Way

I have redone my original replacer for Nuska's Dremora textures. It is so much better now. Like 100% better. It adds high quality AlienSlof Dremora style tattoos onto Nuskas textures. Much prettier, and also no neck seams now.

Old Female Texture:

New Female Texture:

Old Male Texture:

New Male Texture:

Brand New Ear Texture:



Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Reimagining of Alice

I've been working on remaking my Alice character. She is now super unique. She has undergone quite the change, gaining groovy ears, spines on her back, and a long jointed tail. She also has really pretty white markings on her face and body.

The novelty of having actual Alice in Wonderland wore off rather quickly, but I couldn't just abandon her. So I completely reinvented her from the ground up. I'm not going to divulge her new backstory just yet, as once she's done I plan on releasing her for you all to play with. But just know that she isn't entirely mortal.

I've also made a male version, in case you want to play the unique race, but be a male character.

Time for some pictures, which I hope will peak your interest. I've put a lot of work and imagination into her.

Glamour shot:


The new body textures and features:

Male Body:

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Introducing Bastian La'Fay

I wanted to make a male character because all of my characters have been female (except for Luna, who is a special case). This is Bastian La'Fay. He is a custom Breton. He mainly attacks using ranged wind spells, but has an enchanted staff for backup. He could be considered more of a Hedge Wizard than a guild mage, but he will interact with the guild when he needs to. He has just docked in Vvardenfall and is on his way to Balmora. I think he's super handsome.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Halloween Outfit 2016

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and so I have made a cute little outfit for your characters to celebrate in.

The outfit can be found in the testinghall in a gift box covered in bats. It is around the corner from the door to Hawkhaven.


The sleeves are from a group of outfits someone converted from Tera, but I can't remember their name or find their blog. Sorry. If I figure it out, I will update this.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Vvardenfell Imperial Chain Armor

So Freya Windsinger joined the Imperial Legion in Morroblivion, and I was sorely disappointed with the armor I got. But I realized that it used the same design as chainmail and iron armor, and so I could use the meshes from Nuska's armor replacer.

Then I made new gauntlets and boots, with new textures made from the Imperial Chain textures. It all worked out quite nicely.

The armor is in the testinghall in a chainmail covered gift box with a brown ribbon. The box is near the door to hawkhaven.


The Morroblivion Team