Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Alice's Adventures in the Shivering Isles Reimagined

Alice had left the Shivering Isles about 6 months ago to explore Cyrodill, but it was time to go home. However, upon arriving at the gate in Niben Bay, she was met with a dilemma: Sheogorath had completely forgotten her, despite being her creator.

“But you made me! How can you have forgotten who I am?” Alice shouted at the glowing portal. She received no response.

“Damn it all,” she muttered under her breath, and stepped through. She would have to get home the hard way.

She stopped in Passwall to hear the gossip, before heading up to the Gates of Madness. Apparently if Sheogorath has forgotten you, your walk past the Gatekeeper pass has been revoked as well. He was not happy to see her, and not willing to let her pass. Alice let out an exasperated sigh and raised her claws. She hit and scratched until he fell, fire lashing out from her fists with every punch.

“Sorry....” she whispered, and continued on her way.

Once through the Gates, Alice made a beeline for her cottage near New Sheoth. She definitely wanted to stop by home before trying to convince Sheogorath who she was. It was dusk, so she spent the night before heading to the Palace to reintroduce herself to her creator. How could he have forgotten her?

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