Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Reimagining of Alice

I've been working on remaking my Alice character. She is now super unique. She has undergone quite the change, gaining groovy ears, spines on her back, and a long jointed tail. She also has really pretty white markings on her face and body.

The novelty of having actual Alice in Wonderland wore off rather quickly, but I couldn't just abandon her. So I completely reinvented her from the ground up. I'm not going to divulge her new backstory just yet, as once she's done I plan on releasing her for you all to play with. But just know that she isn't entirely mortal.

I've also made a male version, in case you want to play the unique race, but be a male character.

Time for some pictures, which I hope will peak your interest. I've put a lot of work and imagination into her.

Glamour shot:


The new body textures and features:

Male Body:


  1. She is very, very nice! I love her new loook so much :)

  2. I love her. Such an interesting body texture...

    Could I ask where you got the resources for her spine and tail? Or did you make them yourself?

  3. Thank you. The tail comes from the Desire Demon Race, which can be found on the Nexus. The spines are actually from the hunger creature. I edited them to fit a human. The race should be released soon. I made a male version, and the armor for the males is giving me clipping issues. Once I work everything out, it should be up.