Saturday, June 25, 2016

Custom Outfit for Companion Vilja - Vilja not required.....

So in my post about Sadi the Swift, I mentioned that I wanted her to have a companion, and I have never encountered a more wonderful companion than Vilja. I spend so much time customizing my characters appearances and clothing, that I thought it was only logical to apply the same treatment to Vilja if she's going to be sticking around in my game for a while. 

And so I put together the Field Alchemist's Attire. I wanted it to look like whoever is wearing it can track through the mud looking for frog spawn and waterlilies, but still look awesome while doing it. So big chunky boots, poofy pants, and a few alchemical do-dads on the waist, as well as a trusty compass so no one gets lost while gathering ingredients in the wilderness.

Vilja is in no way required to use this outfit, but I made it for her use in my game. The outfit is called the Field Alchemist's Attire/Armor. It comes in both clothing and armor versions, and can be found in the testinghall in a blue gift box covered in alchemical symbols. It's near the door to hawkhaven, and also near the red and gold alchemy box from my S'Dara's Cauldron mod, if you have that one as well.


Vilja being glamorous:

Vilja and Sadi



Friday, June 10, 2016

Faery Update - This might take a while

I've basically got the race and clothing part of my Faery race done, but the home part hasn't really been started yet. But now I'm sick again, so I'm not sure when the mod will be done. I just can't shake this stupid illness completely.

Anyway, I took some screenshots of the completed Faeries, and thought I'd share them. I worked really hard on the textures, so I hope you guys like the finished product.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Faery Character & Home WIP

So I'm working on making a custom faery character named Ina, and a mushroom grove to call home. I've got the race part done. She's lovely, and I made a male version of everything as well, just in case. For the home, I'm taking Stroti's Mushroom House resource and customizing the shit out of the sample mod that came with it. It will be so magical when I'm done! =D

Anyway, pics:

Thursday, June 2, 2016

S'Dara's Cauldron - A Race, Home, and Roleplaying Mod

S'Dara's Cauldron

S'Dara's Cauldron originated as a rather plain alchemy shop in Leyawiin, run by a Khajiit named S'Dara who gave the player a quest to find some mushrooms in exchange for an enchanted mortar & pestle. The shop slowly grew, as did the personality of the proprietor, until I couldn't just leave S'Dara as an NPC to be quickly forgotten. She became a new addition to my group of permanent characters, and I have slowly been rearranging her humble shop into a lovely player home with a few nice features.

Original S'Dara the Shopkeeper:

The shop has been turned into quite a nice player home, but still maintains the appearance of being a shop, with the pretty sign outside, and the ingredient storage doubling as a shop counter. S'Dara's living quarters are partitioned off to one side, and the rest is the shop/alchemy work area. The Teddy Bear can be used like an Alter of the Nine, but with no infamy issues.

The Living Quarters

The Counter of Drawers

There are a lot of paintings hanging all over the shop, and an alchemy chart on the wall in an alcove dedicated to experimental alchemy. The mortar & pestle on the table in that area will open a static alchemy menu when activated.

Experimental Alcove

The large alchemical sink on in the main room is very special. If you have the correct ingredients in the correct quantities, you can brew special potions that are not only very powerful, but which can be sold through dialog when in certain shops and buildings. While in Mages Guild lobbies, alchemy shops, and general traders, you will have the option to sell the special potions for 100 gold each. You can become a traveling alchemy merchant! =D

The Sink of Destiny

The exterior is a cross between a storefront and a cozy cottage. There is a small flower garden in the front, and the shop's sign is hanging by the entrance. There is a map marker for easy travel, but as it is right by the Leyawiin gates, this is a bit redundant, but whatever. Now you can travel right to your door step.

Shop or Cottage?

S'Dara is a custom Khajiit race. Basically, a standard Khajiit made to be a lot prettier. She has claws on her hands, and paws instead of feet. The paws are done through equipment.

She has her own custom equipment, consisting of her armor (and a clothing version for options), her bow, and her arrows, as well as a custom pendant made from a potion. She also has a wig giving her brown dreadlocks, and a hood with a few dreads hanging out the front.

S'Dara Showing Off

Older Pics Showing Off The Outfit 
(Disregard S'Dara's Appearance Here)

Full Body Pic

Recomended Mods:

There are tons of paintings in the shop, and so I strongly recommend:
Paintings Variation by bettersweater


El Alquimista
TES - Diesel Modding

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sadi The Swift

I've had the idea for this character for a long time, but my computer was broken. I spent all of yesterday and last night working on her, and I think she's ready to be presented to you.

Her name is Sadi the Swift. Sadi is a Redguard (just a prettier version of a vanilla Redguard). She used to be a bandit, but her morality clashed with that of the bandit clan, so she left them behind. While living as a bandit, Sadi was blinded in one eye, and has a nasty scar on that side of her face. (I included an eye texture without the blind eye, but the scar remains.)

She lives in a small hut in the mountains near Bruma, just a quick walk from Dragon Claw Rock. There are two beds inside, as I want her to have a companion. A map marker has been provided for easy travel. I tried to leave some room for you to put some of your own things for decorations, and so didn't fill up every surface like I usually do.

Her equipment can be found in the testinghall, near the center column, in a gift box covered in red poppies. It will respawn.

Normal Version

Iffy Version (See notes at the bottom of the post)
Picture Time:

Sadi The Swift:

Hut Interior:

Hut Exterior:

Sadi's Equipment:

(The bear cloak is only included in the "Iffy Version", as I don't have permission for it at all.)

Map Location:


Troll Berserker
Dustin Flan

Iffy Version:

Notes on the Iffy Version:

The original mod says only use for personal use, so if you download that version, keep it on your own computer, ok? I am only including it here because, as my blog isn't a mainstream modding website, and I gave those instructions, I think it is sort of alright. Play nice, ok guys.... I never want my stuff put all over the internet unless it's a resource, but be especially careful with this one. Thanks. :)