Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sadi The Swift Version 2

I've completely redone Sadi The Swift. She has new, nicer textures, an awesome hairdo/wig, and a fur cloak that isn't problematic. Yay for progress! :P

Her armor has been changed a tiny bit, and she has an amulet now as well, and she has her own swimwear and cute jammies.

Her face and body textures are completely different, and she uses a different head mesh now, so she looks a bit different, but I think it looks much better. She also has groovy green face paint, and new eye textures. 

There is a new hair option, but I can't get it to change colors, and it tends to clip into her body when she moves, so their is a matching wig version that moves with you. It's in her gift box in the testing hall with everything else. There's a wig for the dreadlock hairstyle too, for the same reason.




New Fur Cloak:

>< Note: This version isn't compatible with the Iffy Version from before. If you were using that version and want to update, you'll have to start a new game. Sorry. ><

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  1. I really love that wig! Thanks very much for the mod :)