Monday, February 27, 2017

Officially Introducing Jeelia-Tora

I have shown an Argonian character in passing before, but now she is getting fleshed out into a more permanent and in depth character. Her name is Jeelia-Tora, and she is a Naga, a variation of Argonian more like snakes than normal lizards. Instead of walking, she slithers along on her purple snake tail. I based her off of the Naga race that can be found on the Nexus, but gave her a more traditional Argonian head, hair/fins, and claws, as well as made some custom armor for her.

I'm still getting a feel for how I want to play her. She is an adventurer first and foremost, and is more likely to explore and do misc quests than some of my other characters. I want her to join the Thieves Guild, but I'm taking my time on that. After I created her, I immediately moved her to Blackwood, and she has been slowly making her way towards the Imperial City sense then. 

I wanted her armor to look somewhat Shaman-like, because she has just come from a tribe of Naga Argonians deep within Blackmarsh. She has a special bow and arrows from her home in the marshes. I think I'm going to switch her hair-fins to one with a fin down the middle as well as the sides, instead of her current spiky mohawk. 


  1. Very interesting chatacter. She looks great, and I really love her outfit. Well done, as always :)

    1. Thank you! :) Yay... I'm glad you like her. I'm trying out a shorter tail that hopefully won't stick up into the air when her invisible "feet" kick up while she walks. And also making her green.

  2. Woah! She's purple! :O
    Nice outfit!