Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Release of the Trans Guy Body

I've fixed the glitch and now I'm here to bring you this lovely new Robert's male body variation. It is meant to resemble the body that some transgender men have. It has a slimmer waist and thicker thighs. I couldn't widen the hips too much without starting an endless battle to realign the upper and lower body seams. So it's not quite as curvy as I was hoping when I started. It's a bit more subtle. Also, I slimmed down the torso at the top, as it seamed to big and muscular once I had slimmed the waist. The file contains two versions. One is circumcised and one isn't. Pick one and drop it into your data folder. I hope you like this small new edition to the body mod world.

I should note that all trans bodies are different, and that many trans men look completely different from this body mod. This is mainly something that I made for Luna because it is what I would end up with post transition if I were thin. Before I gained weight I always had a very defined hourglass shape to my waist and larger hips and butt. Even with hormones and surgery I will probably never be able to completely get rid of that, and that's ok with me. Just had to put that out there. All trans bodies are different.


Robert for the original body
Me (Lunasprite13) for the edits


  1. You've done such a great job with this body! :)

  2. Thank you!! I'm really happy with it. I'm glad you like it. :D

  3. Great body. Happy to see more Robert variants.

    How would I go about converting clothes to this body? Never done any converting before, but I'd like to get into it.

    1. The way that I reshape clothes is to import them into Blender, and then select the part of the clothing I want to edit. Go to editOn the tool bar thing at the top of the info box at the bottom of the screen, you will see a box with a circle in it. When you hover over it it will say "Proportional Edit Falloff". Set this to on and then select a node in the general region you want to move. Try to be as specific as you can, but I often struggle to line everything up perfectly and it doesn't seam to really show. You then need to carefully and slowly move the node (which will also pull the surrounding nodes with the proportional edit falloff turned on) into a shape closer to what you want.

      For example, when I go to edit Luna's mage robes later, I will select the torso area and pull in gently at the waist on each side trying my very best to keep both sides even. It takes a lot of practice, and I still don't think I do a super great job, so just keep at it.

      I hope this was helpful and easy to understand. I have a hard time with words a lot because of my autism, so if I worded something in a way that doesn't make sense, please feel free to point out where you need help and I will try to find a better way of explaining it. If any one else with experience here can add to these basic instructions, please do so as I am bad at explaining.

    2. In the second sentence, it is supposed to say "Go to edit mode." I realized after posting that I didn't make that very clear.

  4. Yeah, that does sound pretty clear. I'll give it a shot, thank you~