Monday, March 31, 2014

Clothing Mod Preview

I'm working on a mod that adds a ton of modern clothing for the HGEC body. It is tedious, because I'm currently making the icons for everything. But, some of the clothes are ready to go, so I took a few screenshots of Luna trying on her new clothes.

Here is the black long dress, red and black strappy sandals, double buckle choker, and a red t-shirt:

And here is the white check frilly top, black cargo pants, studded wrist bands, butterfly and crystal necklace, and a different pair of red and black strappy sandals:

And here is the black flared skirt, green patterned t-shirt, buckled choker, and black lace-up ankle boots:

Here is the black and white dot dress, buckle choker and nirnroot necklace, and black and white ribbon sandals:

And here is the black denim skirt with striped stockings and boots, a purple t-shirt, and the purple lace choker.

Here is a green t-shirt, bright blue jeans, black lace and steam punk necklace, and black strappy sandals.

I hope you like this sneak peak. There are a lot of other items I haven't added to the game yet, but as I get them done, I will post more pictures. I don't know when the mod will be finished, but I'm working on it pretty much all the time, with a little actual playing of the game mixed in. My brain may implode before I finish making all the icons...So boring.

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