Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sorry for disapearing.... My computer is sad. :(

Hi everybody. I just wanted to post an update saying that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, as I sometimes may seem to when I get sad, but in this case it's my computer that is sad. I'm on my mom's really slow PC right now because mine is in "the shop", which essentially means that it's in my stepdad's computer room and he is trying to fix it. I have quite a few cool ideas that just want to burst out of my skull and explode their brilliance onto the screen, but I can't load any of my modding software in my mom's computer. It just doesn't have the going power for them.

Once I can get back on my PC, I plan to work some more on S'Dara and her shop. I also have an idea for a new character that I want to play and also make available for you all. She's a Redguard named Sadi the Swift, a light armor wearing ex-bandit who went off on her own after an argument about morals with her old gang. I got the baseline of an outfit made for her before my computer said nope, and I want to make her and kind of hut/camp situation to live in, probably in the West Weald because I just love all the flowers around there. I've been making notes in my actual paper notebook when I get a burst of inspiration so I won't forget what I thought of.

I've also been checking the nexus and looked through a lot of older files that I just hadn't noticed, and made a list of mods and resources and stuff that I want to download once I get my PC back. Can you tell that I'm bored as fuck without my main creative outlet? I want to mod so badly.

I'm actually starting to get bored of youtube, which is a sad, sad thing. I'm really excited about a mod that just came out recently that makes the Ayleid chests have welkynd stone inlays in them, which is so magical, and so pretty, and I can't wait to see that in my game. That will also look quite nice in Luna's Ayleid Research Library in the tower. And speaking of Ayleid crap, I got the idea today to make Luna an earring with a chunk of raw welkynd stone hanging from it.

Ramble, ramble, scrambled eggs.... Basically, I'm bored, want to create all the stuff, and can't. So you guys get my scrambled rambly thoughts. Have fun with that..... if you can. :)

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  1. Oh no, I hate whan that happens! I hope you get your computer back fixed soon coz you're talented and we expect to see new cool stuff from you.