Friday, April 8, 2016

S'Dara's Cauldron WIP - Race, Home, and Roleplay

I'm working on a mod that will add a custom Khajiit race (same as vanilla, but prettier), a player home, and the chance to become a traveling alchemy merchant.

So, originally I just made an alchemy shop with a Khajiit shopkeeper named S'Dara. Then I made S'Dara into one of my permanent characters. But the shop was still there, and it was hers after all. So now I'm working on making the shop into a cozy home/shop. The shop part isn't functional, but I want to keep it a shop for roleplay. Eventually, I plan to figure out how to script everything so that S'Dara can sell custom potions from the shop to people around Cyrodiil through dialog.

Some of the Potion Bottles:

I've also spent all evening and night working on custom clothes for S'Dara. They of course have the Khajiit paws instead of boots. There is a wig that will give her brown dreadlocks, an alchemy themed outfit, a hood, and two amulets. There is a version of the wig with goggles on her head, and a version of the hood in which she's wearing the goggles. (I didn't get a screenshot of that one....)

One of the amulets has a jar of fire salts around her neck, and the other has a potion. Both have a second necklace that's an odd sort of creature face. I like it.

Outfit Bits:

I hope this preview peaks your interest, because I've been working on this for going on two days straight, and I'm proud of what I've got done so far. I didn't include pictures of the interior because it is still pretty bare. Also, I will do a bit more landscaping, so don't be discouraged by the sad row of lavender. It will get better.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions or ideas.

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  1. A traveling merchant is a wonderful idea and she looks very nice. I like both amulets and I also love the potion bottles. Well done and thumbs up for this WIP!