Monday, May 4, 2015

Luna's Ears and Custom Earrings

I spent all night working on earrings for Luna, and I'm really happy with them, so I wanted to share. There are 4 sets total: 2 earring variations and a version of each with glasses. The earrings are skulls, so if you don't like skulls, turn back now lol. :) I've included the ears that Luna always uses, because the second pair of earrings is shaped especially for that ear and won't fit other ears properly. The first pair should fit relatively well with any ears based off the vanilla imperial ear, but no promises. The first pair of earrings are dangling skulls on both ears, and the second pair is a skull on one side and 3 stud earrings on the other. You'll have to add them to the game yourself. I didn't include an .esp file. In my game, I just stuck them in "Luna's Goody Box" which is were I shove random clothing items I make. I hope you like them.


Amnes for the ears

Kafeid Apachii for the stud piercings

Apachii for the skull

SydneyB and Xiamara for the hoops

I don't know where the skull texture originally came from, but I got it from Reaper9111's Necromancer Tower mod

Gucchi Ahiru and Hickory for the glasses

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