Monday, May 25, 2015

Luna's Adventures in the Archeology Guild - Chapter 1

After hearing a rumor while staying at the Merchant's Inn, Luna found herself standing outside of an old dilapidated castle, which was the headquarters for the Archeology Guild in Cyrodiil. The castle definitely looked to have seen better days, but didn't seem in danger of falling on her head, so Luna walked to the door and headed inside.

Upon entering, she stood looking around for a moment before hearing someone clear their throat nearby. Looking for the origin of the sound, Luna saw a smiling Argonian man in a red robe looking at her with curiosity. She approached the man and asked if the guild was hiring new members. After much discussion about her skills and (lack of) experience in archeology, the man, who had introduced himself as Teave, accepted Luna as a temporary member of the archeology guild and invited her to look around the guild hall and become acquainted with the other members.

After having a look around and chatting with the her new colleagues, Luna returned to Teave and asked if he had any work that needed done. He did in fact, and sent her off to explore a new archeological site the guild had recently discovered, which they were simply calling "the spire". They desperately wanted to look into it further, but none in the guild had enough combat experience to feel comfortable delving too deeply inside.

Upon arrival at the spire, Luna instantly saw that the guild members had been right in stating that the structure was unlike any other they or she had seen before. After looking around the base of the strange building, she decided to venture inside.

The interior of the spire was filled with oddly glowing blue crystals, and Luna wondered briefly about their alchemical properties before continuing further inside. At the end of the tunnel system, she found a crystal shard that was mostly encased in a dark rock, but still shone brightly where it was exposed. She slipped it into her bag and headed back to the guild hall.

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