Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Remodeling Luna's House.....Again

I've spent the last couple sleepless nights working on remodeling and redecorating Luna's house again. I've made it modern again and changed the color scheme of two rooms. Her bedroom is awesome now.

Luna Resting After Moving All That Furniture:

The kitchen has been completely redone, and I removed the foyer entirely. I still have an empty corner that I'm not sure how to fill up yet. The microwave and fridge are containers with custom open/close sounds. The toaster works and is animated through scripting. The soup shows up while cooking and a boiling sound plays. Pancakes and bacon & eggs appear in the pan along with a sizzling sound effect. Eventually there will be running water in the sink, but I'm lazy. I love the sound that plays when the toast pops up. When something finishes cooking on the stove, a timer bell chimes to let me know. I want to add baking that will appear in the oven while it cooks, but again: lazy.

I still need to put some pictures and magnets on the fridge:

Forgot the knob on the toaster, but it's looking good:

Pretty fireplace:

Dining area with sunflower art:

The bedroom has my favorite black plaid wallpaper again with red accents. I went pillow crazy, so it's very comfy in there. The pictures on the dresser are my mom and one of my favorite youtubers (Grav3yardgirl) as Oblivion characters. The posters are held up with "pushpins" in the corners. It's actually just a coin made static and bright yellow (and shrunk....), but I think it looks like a pushpin. Yes, that is a Kingdom Hearts poster. Luna's house doesn't know the meaning of lore-friendly. She has a bat plushy next to the bed. :P

Love seat with elephant plushy:

The cat corner:

Luna's bed, also known as Cyrodiilic Pillow Headquarters:
(I don't know what to put on those 2 shelves)

Dresser complete with narwhal poster:

The only change to the bathroom is that it now has really pretty tile flooring.

Pretty tiles:

Luna checking out her new surroundings, and showing off her new clothes:

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