Monday, May 11, 2015

West Weald Cottage

My Current Project:

While Luna's house is usually really modern and completely lore-breaking, I don't usually like that for anyone but Luna. I wanted a more lore-friendly cottage for my other characters. 

West Weald Cottage is an old idea. I had a different cottage here for about 2 years before I completely scrapped it to start over. It just took me a long time to actually start over. Nothing is the same this time except for the location, which is near Bleak Falls Cave.


There is a small vegetable patch outside with a scarecrow watching over it, and a pretty sitting area with a window box full of flowers and a bird feeder. The birds can be seen hanging around the porch. The cute door bell is retextured Stroti's Mushroom House.

Exterior Details


The inside is furnished in mostly middle class furniture, and with various resources that fit nicely. The dresser has a working alchemy station on top, and the shelf on the right wall has some pets. (Fish and bugs.) The kitchen will be somewhat functional once I get around to scripting it (coffee etc....). There is a bathing area behind the shutters. The table is set for two, as the house is only set up for my character and one companion.


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