Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Luna's House Update

I've been working on ironing out little details of Luna's cottage all night while listening to My Chemical Romance very loudly, and I'm quite pleased with the result. I updated the kitchen a bit, and the bedroom has new walls and flooring. Decorated the bathroom a little bit....

The Kitchen now has scripted baking as well as the soup pot and frying pan. Luna can make 3 kinds of fruit pies and 2 kinds of muffin bread things. They will appear in the oven while baking. The has running water.

The bedroom is blue now with plaid curtains, and a new addition of a Green Day Poster. :) The sofa is actually a bed for guests. (I was thinking of having Vilja follow Luna around for a while, and she would be smothered by the massive pillow explosion on the bed.)

The bathroom is a bit more inviting now. You might actually want to soak in the tub for an hour in this bathroom.... The faucets on the tub and sink actually work and the toilet flushes.

An update of the greenhouse on the ground floor of the tower:

The Ayleid research library on the second floor of the tower:

The Alchemy Lab on the top floor of the tower hasn't changed too much. The captive ghost in the cage is now all one object, and I added some bugs in little cages. If you hover over the ghost, he is labeled "The Ghost of Tom" because of a song we sang in middle school choir near Halloween. Every time I see it I'll smile remembering trick-or-treating while singing it in a creepy harmony with my friend Laura.

The the current retextured, but still not decorated, exterior:

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