Monday, July 6, 2015

Wonderland Cottage Updated

Some time ago I posted some screen shots of a cottage I made in the Shivering Isles called Wonderland Cottage, obviously with an Alice in Wonderland twist. I finally got around to finishing the interior and it is stunning. However, I can now never share it as I used meshes converted from Skyrim, and that is a no-no. Anyway, it now has a static alchemy station by the door, as well as spellmaking and enchanting on the dresser. Chess, the Cheshire Cat wanders around aimlessly, and if I add anymore sparkles, it will simply explode. Here are the pictures:

You can sit on this mushroom:


  1. Hey there : )
    Any chance you could PM me that house?? xD
    I could rrreally use it...
    I dont get why cant you share skyrim assets... skyrim mods do the exact same all the time. Policies can be painful but also ridiculous. For some people there's no drama though. Just lay low and most people get away.
    Anyways. Moved my site so that old link is useless now.

  2. It's not quite finished, but I can try to get what is done together for you. I'm glad you like it. The outside is mostly unfinished. The house replaces a camp near New Sheoth. Give me a bit and I'll try to get it to you. My personal mods are always a mess when it comes to organization....

    I fixed the link to your new blog. It looks awesome! :)

  3. Thanks!
    Or finish it. take your time : )
    There are so few mods that actually add interesting stuff to Shivering Isles...
    No Better Cities, no Natural Environments. No Snus Dungeons for them... : (
    We must appreciate every tiny bit of awesome we can get from S.I mods...
    Besides If you've happened to see some of my shots, you should know who my main char is... XD
    Not the fairy tale one exactly... But she has some... inspirations
    Which makes this house in one word... perfect!!
    Just the fact you say it's possible made my day : D