Monday, July 6, 2015

My Custom Mage Robes

Luna usually wears very modern clothing, but once in a while I like her to wear mage's robes. I made her a very special set of robes with accessories that can be added on after completing certain quests, as though she takes something from the quest and adds it to her outfit. It starts as a simple sleeveless black robe with a blue belt and a pouch of scrolls. Upon reaching a certain point in the Lost Spires mod, she adds Warlock pauldrons, necklace, and arm ribbons. Upon completing the Path of the Skull Bearer mod (which is then deactivated as you can't load after starting the quest without it crashing, but Luna still experienced the quest), she adds a green over skirt that was taken from a Fryte's armor. And upon receiving the Ogma Infinium, she hangs it from a chain around her waist. I love it, and it took forever to make. The accessories are equipped to the amulet slot, and there is a separate version for each combination of items. Picture time:

Also, I made another set of robes for my apprentice mage Fionna. Her robes don't have any addons, but they are designed specifically for her. They use a similar base to Luna's robes, but she is carrying ingredients instead of scrolls, and she has her textbook around her waist. I used an edited texture from Grimbot's spell tome replacer mod, so she is carrying The Collected Wisdom of Galarion volume 1. Here she is, and here are her robes:

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