Monday, December 15, 2014

Remake of my Frost Sprite Mod

The first race mod I uploaded to the Nexus was a small blue race called Frost Sprites. My texturing skills were shit back then, and I can't stand the way they look now. So I made completely new textures for the Sprites and added a male version. (The original shared a face texture between genders. Not the best....) I also added 3 more male hairs converted from the sims by Maxim at MaxHeartFlan.

This is a comparison between the old and new versions. You can see why I hate the old one....

You can download either version from the Nexus, but really why would you want the original?
Here's a link to the new version:


Str: 30
Int: 50
Wil: 50
Agi: 30
Spd: 50
End: 30
Luc: 40
Pers: 30


Frostskin - Constant

Resist Frost 100%
Weakness to Fire 75%

Frost Sprite Enhanced Magicka - Constant

Fortify Magicka 100 points

Freeze - Lesser Power - 25 Magicka

Frost Damage 25 points on touch
Paralyze for 1 second on touch


Nequam for Eyes
Flonne and Bnnfish for Eyes
Cazy, Anto and FumoFumo for Crazy Hair
Anto and Lucha for Coolsims Hair
Ren for Ren's Hair
Mondstein for the facial piercings
Kafei, Kikaimegami , AlienSlof, Luchaire, JC Clyde, Chingari, SavageArtistry and Spirited Treasure for the Smaller Elf Ears With Piercings resource
ThrottleKitty for the Head06 Resource
Scanti for the Merged Mouth and Merged Teeth
jclyde6108 for the original eyelash mesh
RAIAR and MadCat221 for the HGEC body
Exnem for the original Eyecandy body
Robert2 for Roberts Male Body
Dustin Flan @ for the face texture, eyebrows, and the male body texture
Ozmo for the hi-rez HGEC textures
Obsidian Dawn at for the makeup brushes
Geonox and Apachii for 3 male hairs, and Maxim @ for the conversions
Sinblood for the white teeth texture


This is Belle.... I just made her to take the pictures. I don't actually play this race anymore, but the original was horrid and I wanted to fix it.

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