Monday, December 8, 2014

A Tour of Luna's House

My self character Luna's house is a never ending project. I'm constantly remodeling it. This is how it stands at the present. I don't have plans to release it at this point, because I never stop working on it.

The Foyer:

There is a cozy sitting area and a convenient table for Luna to unload her pockets onto, hence why it's littered with gold coins and her spare key.

The Kitchen:

It's small but fully functional. Luna can make soup, fry eggs, bacon, and pancakes, and make coffee. The dishes the food comes in are randomly chosen from 4 china patterns. The picnic basket actually works. There is a portable version inside, and she can access whatever she puts in the basket by dropping and activating the portable version.

(Ignore the mugs in the above picture. It's an older screenshot from before I added the new china...)

The Picnic Basket:

The Bedroom:

The bedroom is the largest room in the house but is still has a very cozy feel. There is an area for her pet cat on one wall, and a comfy love seat under the windows. The bed has a book with some of Luna's paintings in it, and there are pictures from Alice in Wonderland on the walls. The picture on the dresser is of her mother (actually my mom made into an Oblivion character).

The Bathroom:

Luna's bathroom is done in purples and greens, and uses furniture from my pinewood furniture resource (which will be released once I get around to taking screenshots of it all). There is space for Luna to brush her teeth and hair by the sink (scripted sounds and messages), and the toilet flushes.

The Tower:

The first floor of the tower is a small greenhouse with many flowers and a chair to relax in.

The top floor is a made up of an alchemy and enchanting laboratory. It's not quite done yet. I have plans to make a library on the middle floor.

I hope you enjoyed taking this tour of Luna's home. Here she is saying hi:


  1. This is so pretty. So many cute detail. I love the cat bed most of all, and the picnic basket and all the little things in it. I've got a never ending project as well, I was going to share the Secluded house before this year's end but holy fuck, I got distracted from modding by a very beautiful ball-jointed doll boy :] I'm waiting for him to arrive at my place, and can not think of anything else...

    1. Thank you so much Max. I think it gets better every time I remodel it. Plus I keep learning more about scripting, and so can add more details, like the random china dishes.

  2. It's a really beautiful house! I love the floor most of all. Lovely fittings scattered all around, too. It reminds me a lot of Alice in the Wonderland, like you said. I hope you'll change your mind and release eventually.

    1. Thank you. I've thought about releasing it, but it uses a bunch of resources from the sims that I'm not sure how to get permission for. I don't remember where I got half of them.... If I figure that out, I'll consider releasing it as a wip project, and update every once in a while when I change it. It does kind of seem like a waste for it to just be on my pc...