Thursday, September 15, 2016

WIPs to Look Forward To

I've got a few projects about half-finished, so I thought I'd give a preview. That way I can show you what's coming, and I will feel more obligated to get my shit together and finish my projects. :P

Vvardenfell Imperial Chain Armor:

This one is actually done except for pictures, and making sure there's no clipping with the Khajiit and Argonian versions. Here's a screenshot of it when it was half done. There are now matching gauntlets and boots, and it has pauldrons. Also, for once, the ground meshes look like the armor, and not a random gift box. This started as me editing a Morroblivion  armor for Freya when she joined the legion, and then I really liked it and expanded it.

Luna's House Retextures and Fixes:

The original Luna's House Resource had a few things I wanted to fix, but wasn't sure how to go about fixing. Well I've got it now. The stone around the bottom of the house now extends around the entire structure, and the chimneys are much nicer looking now. There are a total of 3 color variations now, including the inside as well (most of it... some rooms in the tower stayed the same.) Fixes an issue were there wasn't a door frame in the Dwemer Research Lab, and adds window boxes and mailboxes for each color variation. Basically, again I just need to take a shit load of pictures.... 

Freya Windsinger Update v3:

Freya has undergone a dramatic change, and I want to share her with everyone. She has a completely new face texture, a nice wig, and more lore-friendly(ish) armor. I love this version of her so much!

Beast Race Beast Feet Overhaul:

I don't have any particular pics of this, but basically I want to make it so that Khajiits and Argonians have paws and claws by default. I'm in the slow process of converting all the Vanilla and Morroblivion armor and clothes to line up with the awesome beast feet. That way, I can just mod their shoes off, and add the correct armor and they will have awesome feet. It will require Blockhead to make the feet and lower bodies always appear, even when naked. This one will take a long time. Here's some pics of one of my armors using the feet:

Lore-Friendly Outfit Update:

I have a few new outfits for my Lore-Friendly Outfit mod. Two new outfits, a swimsuit, and a set of undies. A lot came from Skyrim, and it looks lovely. Here's a pic, but the underpants aren't in the picture....sorry.

Aylied Decor Resource:

I've put together a modder's resource that takes Meo, Stroti, and Khettiana's Ayleid stuff and retextures it with custom textures. The metal textures are similar in color to vanilla, and that's the point. The Welkynd stone textures have been improved as well. I loved Stroti's Ayleid resources, but I hate the metal textures he provides, so I retextured all of Stroti's Ayleid screen textures to match vanilla coloring, and made Welkynd filled versions of all screens, as well as solid metal screens too. I retextured all of their Ayleid stuff with these textures, and also made some dishes of my own. The main thing keeping it from being released is that I want to make static versions of the clutter objects, and I'm lazy. Here's a pic of a chest with 3 variations.

That's about it for now. Let me know what you're looking forward to the most, if you feel like commenting. It will help me know what you guys want from me, at least a bit.


  1. This looks great. Just can't wait you upload all this mods! Most of all I like your Freya Update and Lore-Friendly Outfit Update and Beast Race Beast Feet Overhaul, I think :)

  2. The Freya Update and Lore-Friendly Outfits shouldn't be too much longer. The feet are just really boring to work on, so it will take longer because I get bored and grumpy if I work on it for too long at a time....