Saturday, September 10, 2016

Archer's Dress - An Armor Mod

This is Eilendi's Armor without Eilendi. I really like the armored dress I made for her, but I don't know when her home will be completed, and so I wanted to release the armor by itself so it wouldn't just sit on my pc gathering dust, and also because it's been a while sense I uploaded anything. Here you go. :D 

Edit: The original download had an incorrect texture path. It's fixed now. Please redownload. If you download for the first time now, it should be fine. Sorry.

I've called this standalone version the Archer's Dress. It is in the testing hall in a green and white gift box with an arrow pattern all over it, near wear all the red light is.




  1. Hi Luna,

    I just downloaded this mod, but for some reason the skirt portion of the armour is completely invisible, is there something I'm missing?

  2. Sorry. I updated a file name in the texture folder and didn't realize that I hadn't fixed it on the mesh. It should be fine now. Please download it again. Sorry for the mix up. :/

    1. Unfortunately the lower body meshes still aren't showing up. It could just be my game and something is conflicting. I still have plenty of clothing mods from you that work perfectly :)

  3. Thank you so much for the quick reply, I'll download it now and if I have any problems I'll let you know.

    Also quick note I think the same thing happened for me on the Traveler's Armour (Missing legs/feet) as well but only for humans it was fine for Khajiit and Argnonian.