Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Luna's House: The Eternal WIP

Luna's house is my pet project. It is an eternal WIP, because I love changing it around whenever I get a new idea. A few changes have happened sense I last gave a tour. First and foremost, the ground floor of the tower is no longer a greenhouse, as I wasn't actually doing anything in it. It is now a Dwemer research library. The second floor is the Ayleid research library, and the top floor is a top-notch alchemy lab. The kitchen has been rearranged a bit, with the electric appliances removed once again, and the Alice in Wonderland paintings have returned to the bedroom. There's a lot more variety with the pottery patterns in the kitchen now as well. The books on the top shelf in the Dwemer Library are static but readable and they have the same text that they have in Morrowind when read. They're the books you find along the main quest in Morrowind, or in my case, Morroblivion. Anyway, on with the tour!

The Kitchen:

The Bedroom:

The Bathroom (It hasn't changed, but damn isn't it nice):

The Dwemer Library:

The Ayleid Library:

The Awesome Alchemy Lab:

So, what do you think? ;)

Update: Room207 brought it to my attention that the bathroom was way to modern compared to the rest of the house to which I say: Better? :)

Update Again: The Kitchen with (hopefully) less ultramodern shiny kitchen fixtures.


  1. I'm glad you removed the electric stuff from the kitchen, everything has a more lore-friendly feel now. I love almost every room - the bedroom is lovely - except the toilet... I don't know, there's something that doesn't make it look complete. It could be the floor tiles or the furniture... maybe it's too modern compared to the rest. But that's just my opinion. Too bad you completely removed the greenhouse, couldn't you move it elswhere?

  2. YES!!! With the new update the bathroom is perfect! Wow, you were so fast at editing it by the way. I can't imagine any further improvement except a more detailed wood texture for those 3 pieces of furniture (the bathtub is perfect the way it is). Also, the faucets in the kitchen stand out a little bit too much, do you think there's way to make them look more "antique"?

  3. What do you think about the current kitchen, Room207? (It feels odd addressing you that way. I call you by your name in my head, but don't want to overstep my bounds of sharing on here.) I think it's a bit better. I tried to find a more copper colored metal, but the ones I have all ended up stretching strangely, so I went with a darker, less shiny silver. In the bathroom, I want to put a plant or something next to the washbasin, but I can't think of exactly what should belong there. It just looks a bit sad and empty right there. What do you think? Any thoughts?

  4. It's definitely better. A brass texture would have been perfect but this will do too. Take your time to find a good plant for the bathroom, or you can google search "medieval bathroom" for inspiration. Where did you get the cat in the house? I want one too and replace it with one that looks like my cat! XD

  5. I borrowed the cat from Maigret's Maigrets House Cats mod. You can get it under companion creatures on the nexus. It's on the first page if you sort by most endorsed. Good luck on you cat mission. :)

  6. Thank you so much for the info. I'll get it too and see if I can turn it into a companion.