Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Daedric Mods WIP

I have a Dremora character named Anazayl. I loved the Dremora face from Oblivion Character Overhaul v2, but was very disappointed that the body textures were completely plain. So I set out to fix that. So far, I only have the female textures done, but I will release the body textures once I finish the male counterpart.

I also made Anazayl some custom Daedric equipment, Robes, armor, and a swimsuit. She uses a Daedric Katana. She has custom facial piercings edited to fit her head perfectly. :D

And here she is. The swimsuit picture should show the body texture pretty well.


I finished the male textures, and got the male robes and armor up and running. I'm waiting on permission for the armor and bits of the robes, but the textures should be uploaded soon. Anyway, here's some pictures: (This is just Anazayl turned male, so don't expect much on the masculine beauty side of things....)

This is the open helm which can be used instead of the masked hood:

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