Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dots And Shorts Outfit

I put together a cute little outfit last night. It's sweet and summery and I like it quite a lot.

Note: I don't know who to credit for the shorts. If anyone knows who made them, please tell me. If this person doesn't want this mod posted, I will remove it. I don't remember where I found them, but I do know that the sight wasn't in English, which contributed to me not having a clue. Anyway.... Moving on to the outfit!

The outfit is for the HGEC female body, and takes up the upper body, lower body, and foot slots. It will hide any amulet you are wearing, because it comes with its own necklace already on it.

Close Up:


Unknown Author of Adorable Shorts

And a bonus pic of Luna petting her cat - because cuteness:

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