Friday, November 14, 2014

Wood Nymph Race Is Finally Here!!

Sorry it took my 80 years to upload this file. I fail... Anyway, here is my Wood Nymph race. Wood Nymphs are very small, can command forest creatures to fight for them, and can disappear when in danger. They have a constant Waterbreathing effect because their tiny size makes them drown otherwise. They are also orange, because yeah, orange Nymphs made sense to me. The hair is not included, but a link is below to get it. Sorry...

Luna's Wood Nymphs

Comprehensive Cosmetic Compilation 1.8 by Room207: Under Sun and Sky


Str: 30
Int: 40
Wil: 30
Agi: 50
Spd: 50
End: 30
Luc: 50
Pers: 40


Acrobatics +5
Alchemy +10
Marksman +10
Sneak +10
Light Armor +5
Restoration +5


Lesser Power:
Forest Ally
Command Creature 100 points for 30 seconds
25 Magicka

Lesser Power:
Invisiblity for 30 seconds
5 Magicka

Waterbreathing - Constant


See the credit lists of the original modders as well!!

Dustin Flan at for the basic face, male body texture, eyebrows, eyes, and the lipstick which I recolored
Room207 for hair
Ozmo for the high rez HGEC textures
ThrottleKitty for the Head06 Resource
Scanti for the Merged Mouth and Merged Teeth
jclyde6108 for the original eyelash mesh
RAIAR and MadCat221 for the HGEC body
Exnem for the original Eyecandy body
Robert for Robert's Male Body and the male head
Sinblood for the white teeth texture
Obsidian Dawn at for the makeup brushes
kumakumakokuma for the ears

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