Friday, November 14, 2014

Luna's Tribal Elves Race

I wanted to share my shaman Wren's race here for anyone who wanted it. She is a Tribal Elf. (Lame name, I know...) I made a male version with no makeup and slightly different tattoos. The hair is not included, so you will have to download the resources yourself, or add your own. Links are below. Here you go!

Luna's Tribal Elves


Comprehensive Cosmetic Compilation 1.8 by Room207:  Under Sun and Sky
Newsea Hair Pack for TES IV Oblivion by Maxim K.: MaxHeartFlan


Str: 30
Int: 50
Wil: 40
Agi: 50
Spd: 40
End: 30
Luc: 40
Pers: 40


Alchemy +10
Light Armor +5
Conjuration +10
Marksman +10
Restoration +10

Lesser Power:
Summon Power Animal
Summon Bear for 60 seconds
25 Magicka


Tribal Abilities - Constant Effect
Resist Poison 100
Resist Disease 75
Resist Magicka 50
Weakness to Normal Weapons 25


See the credit lists of the original modders as well!!

Maxim K. at for hair
Dustin Flan at for the basic face, male body texture, eyebrows, and the lipstick which I recolored
Room207 for hair
Ozmo for the high rez HGEC textures
Korana for the eyes
Kafei, Kikaimegami , AlienSlof, Luchaire, JC Clyde, Chingari, SavageArtistry and Spirited Treasure for the Smaller Elf Ears With Piercings resource
ThrottleKitty for the Head06 Resource
Scanti for the Merged Mouth and Merged Teeth
jclyde6108 for the original eyelash mesh
RAIAR and MadCat221 for the HGEC body
Exnem for the original Eyecandy body
Robert for Robert's Male Body
Sinblood for the white teeth texture
Obsidian Dawn at for the makeup brushes

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