Friday, November 14, 2014

My New Girly and Her Home

Meet Wren, the lovely shaman from Blackwood!

I think I have a new favorite character (other than Luna, of course). Her name is Wren. Wren is a Shaman, and can summon her Power Animal, a bear, when she needs help kicking something's ass. She has tribal tattooing around her eyes. I am also playing through the Druid Mod with her. Soon she will be able to shapeshift into a crow and fly from place to place... much better than the drudgery of walking.

Here are some pics of her showing off:

I made her a lovely home, suited to a shaman or druid. It's in Blackwood, which somehow just seemed appropriate. And here is a view of its loveliness.

I hope you enjoy looking at my creation. I am certainly enjoying exploring Cyrodiil with Wren.


  1. She's an interesting character, and I really like the cute house you've made for her. Now that I have put your blog in my reading list I would never miss a single post from you <3

  2. Thanks Max! I'm glad you like her and the house. I've been holding on to her race for a while, but finally perfected it. Of course, it uses Dustin's base textures for the face. <3