Monday, September 18, 2017

Shaman Equipment Version 2

I finally finished updating my Shaman's Equipment mod from 2015. I quite like what I've done with it. Both the male and female versions now have wooden antlers and a necklace with little mushrooms in a jar. The female armor also has a new top and less going on on the arms.

This file will override the previous esp, so if you want to keep the old one, do not download this one.

The picture for the equipment is the old one from the original post. They haven't changed and I'm tired....


  1. Thank you! Love it so much! :)

  2. This is perfect, not very many druid armors out there.

  3. Damn, I really like this armor but for some reason this doesn't work for me, there's some floating letters saying "mesh" where i think the gift box should be. I also downloaded the archer dress, the gift box is purple and when equipped it makes the character's legs dissapear.

    Sorry if this can be easily solved by moving some archives in the folders! I'm bad with the structures.