Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wood Nymph Race

**** This Race is Finally Available ****

Well, as my first post, I am going to show you the new race I just made for Oblivion. They are Wood Nymphs, and they are really fucking tiny. They're also orange, just a little...

Thanks a million to Max and Dustin at Couldn't have made the prettiness without your resources. Also, the girly's makeup is made from brushes by Obsidian Dawn. Once I know if I will get in trouble for using the hair I used without even knowing who to ask for permission, I will make the race available here, if the trouble is avoided.


  1. Awww congrats on making this blog my dear ! And I like the choice of eye colours matching the skin tone and hairs for your new race. Very pretty.

    1. Thanks Max. The eyes are Dustin's Large Cat Eyes, which you could probably tell...