Friday, April 7, 2017

About Me....Updated

So quite some time ago I made a post called about me, in which I gave a basic overview of myself. But the thing is, that information is almost entirely wrong or outdated now. I actually deleted the post, and now I'll do it again.

My name is Skyler, Skye for short. I am a nonbinary transboy, and I prefer they/them or he/him pronouns. I am also autistic. I used to identify as a lesbian before I realized my gender, but now not only am I not a woman, but I am not only strictly attracted to women. I actually prefer men or other nonbinary people, but could fall in love with any gender.

I've been playing Oblivion sense 2007, and modding sense 2010ish. My main Oblivion character is Luna Starshine, who is loosely modeled after me. Luna got their name from my online name Lunasprite. People started shortening it to Luna, and it stuck. I used to go by Luna online instead of my name, but after choosing my name as a transgender person, I prefer to use Skyler or Skye.



Let's see.... I love everything having to do with Alice in Wonderland. I spend a lot of time on Youtube; my favorite youtubers are AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire. Phan (Dan + Phil) has taken over my life a bit more than I'd like to admit. My favorite animal is a frog and I have quite a few frog plushies in my room. Some of them are really big.

I love Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and similar bands. I've been training my singing voice to be lower by singing along with Panic note for note. My autism helps me memorize lyrics quickly, and I love to sing.

I am really into steampunk, and am slowly working on making my bedroom steampunk themed. I make jewelry sometimes, and have made a lot of steampunk earrings and pendants. When I don't look like somewhere between emo and pastel goth, I look a bit steampunk in regard to fashion.

And........ I can't think of anything else interesting, but if anyone wants to ask something, feel free.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my "Smiles" folder. I hope they make you smile too. :D


  1. You are really interesting and nice person :) May I ask: now, with your new vision of yourself, will you change your Luna Starshine character?
    And what is your favorite oblivion mod?

  2. Thank you! <3 I have been slowly changing Luna as I've come to understand myself. I made the femme androgyne body for them, and the androgynous mage robes. I recently decided to make them "male" as far as Oblivion is concerned, so that they will always have a flat chest no matter what they are wearing. I'm using Roberts Scrawny body for them. I can't change their name now even though Luna is a feminine name. I'm just too attached to it.

    I think my favorite mod would be The Lost Spires. I love it so much.

  3. A little late on commenting, but I found the post interesting. It's fun hearing about how your identity and your Oblivion modding interact, if that makes any sense. I think people underestimate how much video games can function as a medium for exploring our selves!

    1. Thank you! :) I agree that video game can help us explore who we are.