Thursday, February 4, 2016

Improved Androgynous Body WIP

I've never really been 100% happy with my femme androgyne body, so I spent all night and morning working on this. It's sort of half and half, "male" on top, and "female" on the bottom. Basically, this is Luna after top-surgery, lol.... Unlike every other thing I do, this is based on Roberts male and female bodies. But with blockhead only Luna is using it, so my other girlies get to keep hgec.

About the body, I love the shape of it, but there is an obvious seem where the upper and lower bodies meet. They're lined up properly, but the texture seems to display differently on each one or something. If anyone knows how to fix the seem of doom, please let me know. Pretty please, like really. 

The nails currently look like shit, because the hands are male and the feet are female, but the game seems determined to force them to use the same texture, which works for every part of the body but the nails. So I made them a kind of generic skin color and made them a bit glossy to compensate. Personally, Luna will soon have equipable black nails, so it won't be an issue for her specifically. If I get the seem taken care of, I plan to release this, so sorry about the nails, guys.

I'm working on some modern outfits to match this body, and if I release the body, I will release the clothes at the same time, unless there is a permission issue. I have asked for permission for some of the clothing bits, and am waiting to hear back on that one.

More pics:

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