Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Luna's Story - Prologue

Luna sat fuming in the small prison cell. She almost didn't blame the guards that had tossed her in here, but she knew that in this they were wrong. She hadn't stolen a damn thing, but she had a history with the Imperial Guards that they didn't want to let go of. Until recently, she was a rampant Skooma addict, and had stolen a fair amount from the citizens and businesses of the Imperial City in her desperation. She had been caught enough times that when shouts of "Thief!" were raised in her presence, the guards had immediately apprehended her, despite her current innocence. She had been off the Skooma for a year now, and hadn't stolen anything sense taking her last hit. Luna felt a righteous anger well up at her incarceration, as well as the familiar pull she felt when thinking about her past. She pushed the thoughts of her past self away, shaking her head to help clear it, and settled back onto the rough stool in her cell; she had begun pacing in her frustration.

The Dark Elf in the cell opposite hers picked up his favorite sport of taunting her. Some of his underhanded comments hit truer than the fetcher realized, and she soon found her self shouting at him, her fists clenched at her sides and static filling her hair as she momentarily lost her temper. "Oh for the love of Azura, will you shut up Dreth! Just shut the fuck up and let me be!" she yelled at him, wanting to fling a bit more than static through the bars, but knowing that would only end badly for her with the Imperials.

"Hey, you hear that? The guards are coming. For you!" he cackled. Luna did hear footsteps coming and went back to pacing under the tiny window of her cell. Four figures approached her cell, three armored, and one in extremely fancy robes. The armored ones seemed angered at her presence in the cell, but the elderly man in the extravagant robes seemed almost to expect her.


Luna had been quite shocked to find out that the Emperor of Tamriel was not only standing next to her in a filthy prison cell, but that he seemed to know of her, and expected her to be there. He said that he had dreamed it. Luna understood about prophetic dreams, having experienced many herself before succumbing to Skooma. They hadn't returned upon her recovery from the addiction, but she held out hope that they would. It was a common prayer she sent Azura's way. Anyway, the Emperor seemed to have plans for her. She would see to them, but she had a few things of her own to see to first. Despite his urging, something told her that it would keep until she was ready to turn her gaze that way.

Glad to be free:

Resting before heading home:

Home sweet home:

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