Monday, August 7, 2017

So Much Steampunk

A long time ago I made a mod adding steampunk themed clothing for HGEC, and a while later I updated it with a few more outfits. Well, here are a few more. :P I've also made some changes to some of the existing outfits. Outfit 3 has been completely redesigned, as I really didn't like it. Outfit 6 has different boots now, and Outfit 4 has different sleeves and a ruffle across the bust. Anyway, here are some pictures of all of them:

(Edited by Me) 
Original by El Alquimista

(Edited by Me)
Original by Darigaz89
Link: Steam Pilot

Another minor change is that I moved the box containing all of the items over slightly as I had accidentally put the box for Sadi the Swift's stuff in the same place and the larger Steampunk box had completely hidden Sadi's box. 

The model for the outfits is my new Character Suzania, who I will introduce properly soon. She has a special place in my heart for reasons I will explain in her introduction page.

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