Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sadi The Swift

I've had the idea for this character for a long time, but my computer was broken. I spent all of yesterday and last night working on her, and I think she's ready to be presented to you.

Her name is Sadi the Swift. Sadi is a Redguard (just a prettier version of a vanilla Redguard). She used to be a bandit, but her morality clashed with that of the bandit clan, so she left them behind. While living as a bandit, Sadi was blinded in one eye, and has a nasty scar on that side of her face. (I included an eye texture without the blind eye, but the scar remains.)

She lives in a small hut in the mountains near Bruma, just a quick walk from Dragon Claw Rock. There are two beds inside, as I want her to have a companion. A map marker has been provided for easy travel. I tried to leave some room for you to put some of your own things for decorations, and so didn't fill up every surface like I usually do.

Her equipment can be found in the testinghall, near the center column, in a gift box covered in red poppies. It will respawn.

Normal Version

Iffy Version (See notes at the bottom of the post)
Picture Time:

Sadi The Swift:

Hut Interior:

Hut Exterior:

Sadi's Equipment:

(The bear cloak is only included in the "Iffy Version", as I don't have permission for it at all.)

Map Location:


Troll Berserker
Dustin Flan

Iffy Version:

Notes on the Iffy Version:

The original mod says only use for personal use, so if you download that version, keep it on your own computer, ok? I am only including it here because, as my blog isn't a mainstream modding website, and I gave those instructions, I think it is sort of alright. Play nice, ok guys.... I never want my stuff put all over the internet unless it's a resource, but be especially careful with this one. Thanks. :)


  1. Wow! She is great! Have you ever thought about making her a companion?

    1. I don't really know how, and my characters have such developed personalities that a generic companion mod would make them less than themselves. If I had the skills and patience, I would make a few of my characters into companions, but in a custom kind of way, sort of like Companion Vilja (but not that detailed) so they would keep their personalities. I actually really want to explore Cyrodill as Freya, but with Sadi following, or vice versa.