Saturday, June 25, 2016

Custom Outfit for Companion Vilja - Vilja not required.....

So in my post about Sadi the Swift, I mentioned that I wanted her to have a companion, and I have never encountered a more wonderful companion than Vilja. I spend so much time customizing my characters appearances and clothing, that I thought it was only logical to apply the same treatment to Vilja if she's going to be sticking around in my game for a while. 

And so I put together the Field Alchemist's Attire. I wanted it to look like whoever is wearing it can track through the mud looking for frog spawn and waterlilies, but still look awesome while doing it. So big chunky boots, poofy pants, and a few alchemical do-dads on the waist, as well as a trusty compass so no one gets lost while gathering ingredients in the wilderness.

Vilja is in no way required to use this outfit, but I made it for her use in my game. The outfit is called the Field Alchemist's Attire/Armor. It comes in both clothing and armor versions, and can be found in the testinghall in a blue gift box covered in alchemical symbols. It's near the door to hawkhaven, and also near the red and gold alchemy box from my S'Dara's Cauldron mod, if you have that one as well.


Vilja being glamorous:

Vilja and Sadi



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