Friday, September 25, 2015

Ranger's Armor Mashup

I put this armor together for my Khajiit S'Dara quite some time ago before I did the Traveler's Armor specially for her. I finally got this one in a state fit to be shared. It only took so long because I'm fucking lazy. I have no excuse. But anyway, it's nice.

We'll start with a pic of my super cute Argonian assassin Jeelia-Tora, who is kindly modeling for me today.

The armor comes in three varieties of foot options: boots, Khajiit paws, and Argonian claws. This is for my own immersion, just use the boots if you don't want custom feet. There is a matching shield, which is just a leather shield retextured to match the dark brown leather of the armor.

Human/Elf Version:

Argonian Version:

 Khajiit Version:

***The paws have been exchanged for better ones.***


Drake the Dragon


  1. Beatiful outfit! Thank you very much for sharing! :) And thanks for Khajiit and Argonian support, those two have so little outfits, that really fit them.

  2. Thank you and you are very welcome! ^_^