Thursday, March 19, 2015

Luna's New Mage's Robes mod is here!

I've been working on a collection of mage's robes for some time, and I quite like what I've come up with, so I thought I'd share it with the internet. Hopefully you'll like them too.

There are 9 different robes. Each one is unique in design and pattern and will fit both males and females. The male robes aren't always the same as the female, but they're still cool, so whatever. The robes all come with a matching hood and pair of fingerless gloves. Getting the gloves working for both males and females took about 5 hours yesterday. The male gloves aren't quite as nice as the female, but they started as female gloves that I had to reshape, and I did the best I could. They just have a few more angular bits if you look really close.... The robes are for HGEC and Roberts Male.

Anyway, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. :) I apologize for my reusing poses for the guy. I don't play male characters, so I don't have many male appropriate poses.

Black & Blue Robes

Black Hand Robes:

Black & Teal Robes

Blue & Red Robes

Blue Field Robes

Brown Field Robes

Purple & Teal Robes

Red & Black Robes

Teal & Red Robes

The are waiting for you in the testing hall in a large gift box with pink floral print and a green bow. To get to the testing hall, open the console with ~ and type "coc testinghall" without the quotes. To get back out, go through the door to hawkhaven and fast travel from there. That door is near where you warp in.
Gift Box

The gift box can be used as a modder's resource like all of my boxes. Just credit me and Korana for the box.

Please don't upload this mod anywhere else. It should stay on this blog.


Najaknevrec for male robe bits
Alien Slof for robe bits and textures
KafeiDotour for textures
Fly for robe bits
ElAlquimista for robe bits
Hentai for robe bits
Chakaru for the gloves
Waalx for robe bits and textures
Korana for the original gift boxes
KURESE for the disk part of the necklaces
Sinblood for the long chain
Xiamara for the short chain and metal texture for the floral pattern I used for the gift box

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