Sunday, December 14, 2014

Your Very Own Freya

I wanted to upload my Freya Windsinger character and her equipment in case anyone liked it. The download includes Freya's race for you to play as and her equipment in a black plaid gift box in the testinghall.


Freya has all the same stats as a vanilla Nord, as she is basically just a really pretty Nord in my game. She has blue and gold eyes, purplish-red lips, and a silver stud in her nose. Feel free to change this in your game if you don't like it, but as she's just a nice looking Nord, I'm not sure what the point of changing it would be.... She only comes with one hair and eye color, so you might want to change that.

The Armor:

Freya's Armor is quite overpowered for a low-level character as I made it for her to wear at high levels. Again, you can change it in the CS, but I'm leaving it like it is. Freya wears heavy armor. I edited it slightly in Blender to fix a bit of clipping. There is also a shield that is basically just a black and silver version of the Amelion Ceremonial Shield with better stats. The armor includes black fingernails.

The Weapon:

Freya's sword is a retextured version of Mondstein's Real Silver Swords. It is also very overpowered at low levels, for the same reason. None of her gear is enchanted.



Gizmodian & Mondstein

Dustin Flan @ for the face texture and eyebrows
Scanti for the Merged Mouth and Merged Teeth
jclyde6108 for the original eyelash mesh
Ozmo for the hi-rez HGEC textures
Sinblood for the white teeth texture
RAIAR and MadCat221 for the HGEC body
Mondstein for the original facial piercings
ThrottleKitty for the Head06 Resource
Kafeid for the pierced ear texture
Obsidian Dawn at for the makeup brushes
Room207, Rose (I think) & GSBmodders for the hair
Korana & Flonne for the eyes

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