Saturday, July 19, 2014

Luna - Dawn & Dusk

Intro: I've really lost my inspiration for the original Luna story I was writing. By the time this story takes place, she has been reaccepted to the Arcane University, and holds the rank of Conjurer. And yes, this story is short. I just wanted to give the explanation for her newfound vampirism, that will be apparent from here on out. Here we go!

Luna – Dawn & Dusk

Luna knelt before the shrine of Azura, a handful of Glow Dust held tightly in her right fist. She opened her mind to the Queen of Dusk and Dawn, and heard her Lady's voice in her thoughts. The ethereal voice told her of the fate of five of Her followers, now lost to vampirism. They were sealed within the nearby Gutted Mine, and Azura would break the seal if Luna would bring these souls the peace of final death. Luna stood and dusted off her knees, realizing as she did that the Glow Dust was gone. She would gladly carry out the wish of her Lady Azura.

The mine wasn't too far from the shrine, a little ways up the mountain. Luna made good time through the light snow and reached the door to the mine just as the moons appeared overhead. She found the door unsealed as expected, and quietly made her way inside.

Luna carefully moved toward the first vampire she could see at the end of the corridor, but didn't see the pressure plate near the end that was almost entirely covered with dirt and dust. A large spiked ball on a chain swung down behind her, smacking her firmly on the back of the head. She fell forward, and called out in surprise, drawing the attention of the entire cave.

The vampires swarmed and almost overwhelmed her, but Luna fought with all she had and her fireballs finally felled the last of Azura's afflicted followers. She sat on the floor of the cave, magically healing her wounds, and catching her breath, feeling quite exhausted after such a hard fight. Once healed, she slowly made her way back to Azura's shrine.

Her Lady was pleased and Luna found herself looking in awe at the treasure that appeared in her hand: Azura's Star. She thanked the Daedra and headed home. She felt as if she would need to sleep for a week. Once home, Luna quickly undressed and crawled in bed, not knowing that she would wake forever changed.

Three days later, Luna slowly opened her eyes, feeling more than a little odd. She quickly sat up and looked around, immediately noticing that her vision was considerably sharper than it had been before. She suddenly became aware of an all consuming hunger, and realized with a start that she wasn't breathing.

“By Azura,” she whispered. “I've become a vampire!”

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