Sunday, May 25, 2014

Autumn Glow Farmhouse

Here is Sky and Sol Meadowlark's Farmhouse as it currently stands. I've finally gotten most of the scripting done and am mostly decorating it now. I also want to give Sol more dialog when I'm playing as Sky, and definitely more when I'm not playing Sky. I have it set up so that Sol is an NPC living on the farm, with his own schedule, and Sky is a playable race. Anyway, here are some pics of their farm:

The Kitchen

The Lower Hallway

The Bathroom

The Bedroom

The Sewing Room

The Veggie Garden

The Animal Pen

The Alchemy Lab In The Mill

The Neighbors

And Sol In The Garden

The neighbors are added by another mod, which is what drew my attention to this spot. It works out nicely. Sky can go over to the inn for a drink after working on the farm all day.


I finally finished the flower garden! It's so pretty...

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