Saturday, February 1, 2014

Introducing Sky and Sol Meadowlark

I wanted to introduce you to my two newest characters, Sky and Sol Meadowlark. They are twins. Currently they are each my main character in two different files, but I plan to make companion versions of both so they can spend time together on their farm, Autumn Glow Farm.

Sky is very sassy and has an attitude problem, while Sol is much more laid back and gentle. They both have red hair and green eyes, but only Sky has freckles. I may change the freckle bit later. Here they are.

This is Sky:

And this is Sol:

I didn't take their pictures at their farm because it isn't finished yet. I'll post some pics of the farm so far soon. I've kind of been procrastinating instead of finishing it because it has so much scripting, and I really, really hate writing scripts. It makes my brain hurt. Anyway... here are the magical farmer twins, and I'll show you their farm soon. Laters!

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